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"The exam books were great this year, and saved us hours downloading exam papers from the website. "


Marian, December 2010
Mother of Kieran
Year 13, Level Calculus, Chemistry & Physics


"AMAZING!! Anyone at school who saw one, including teachers, were impressed and envious. I was lucky to have them and they helped me so much I used them for 97% of my studying. "


Jessie Ahearn, December 2010
Year 11, Mathematics & Science


NCEA Examination Style?

New Zealand's National Certificates of Educational Achievement (NCEA) are national qualifications for senior secondary school students.

NCEA has a stylised examination method. The answers require:

  • knowledge of the subject content
  • familiarity with the correct phrases that examiners are looking for.

In addition, students need to learn to read questions comprehensively, so that they can provide answers that respond to the question and also include all aspects which are required.

The best preparation for NCEA includes knowledge and familiarity of what is expected in both Internal & External assessments.

How can students prepare for NCEA?

The most successful way to achieve this, beyond studying class notes and from various texts and workbooks, is to practise previous NCEA exams.

Once familiar with topics, students should practise under exam conditions as often as possible.

This allows students to compare their own answers to the required NCEA answers. In this process students learn the phrases required by the examiners, as well as all the relevant information to include.

Benefits of AHeadStart NCEA Exam Booklets

NCEA exams can be downloaded through the NZQA website, but can take a while to find, as well as print out! Individual papers can also easily be lost throughout the year.

Previous NCEA exams, as well as sample External & Internal assessments, are such an important resource, it is important these are easy to file and access during the year.

AHeadStart can provide printed booklets of both previous and sample External & Internal assessments. For some subjects, additional notes are also available, as well as handy flashcards.

NCEA Exam Booklets can be purchased for $9 per Achievement Standard required. Past NCEA exams and answers from 2005 onwards are included.

Please note, that due to copyright, NCEA Exam Booklets are only available to students enrolled for tuition with AHeadStart as an educational aid.


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  • Mary-Anne Stone, Elsie' Mum, Year 12 Maths:
    Melanie had just the right approach to engage Elsie. Really made it accessible and logical and non-threatening. One on one is a relaxed place was exactly what was required.
  • Jenny Hughey, Amuri's Mum, Year 11 Chemistry
    Gave my daughter confidence and helped her prepare for the exams. Provided her with the ability to verbally discuss the subject in a relaxed manner.

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