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Physics is an experimental science, conducted in order to understand how the world around us behaves.

Physics deals with matter and motion, as well as space and time, using concepts such as force, energy, mass, and charge.

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Year 11 Ncea Physics Study Guide Ed 2 (Study guides)


AME Year 11 Physics Workbook NCEA Level 1 2007

AME Year 12 NCEA Physics Workbook (AME Workbooks)

Physics:Year 12 Ncea Edition (New Zealand Pathfinder S.)

Year 12 (NCEA Level 2) Physics Course Manual (with answers)

Year 13 NCEA Physics Study Guide Ed 2

AME Year 13 NCEA Physics Workbook: ` (AME Workbooks)

Continuing Physics: NCEA Level 3

Physics:Year 13 Ncea Edition (New Zealand Pathfinder S.)

"I learnt how to take a question and work through it simply and correctly. I was taught how to properly use the formulas given, to understand and answer selected questions. I was taught the information which i needed to know for the exam which i had not been properly taught."


Danielle Mather, December 2009

Year 12, Level 2 Physics


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Year 11, Level 1
ESA Year 11 Physics Study Guide, J Boereboom
AME Year 11 Physics Workbook, J Boereboom & T Wales
Really Useful Resources NCEA Level 1 Physics Revision Guide

Year 12, Level 2

ESA Year 12 Physics Study Guide, D Burchill & A Binns & P Kinsler & D Housden

AME Year 12 Physics Workbook, D Housden

ABA Year 12 Physics Course Manual, C Rutter

Pathfinder Physics Year 12, T Castle

StudyPass NCEA Level 2 Physics Essential Course Information & Exam Revision Guide

Really Useful Resources NCEA Level 2 Physics Revision Guide


Year 13, Level 3

ESA Year 13 Physics Study Guide, P Bendall & P Howison

AME Year 13 Physics Workbook, P Bendall

AME Year 13 Scholarship Physics Workbook, D Housden

Continuing Physics NCEA Level 3, C Smaill & A Cox

Pathfinder Physics Year 13, T Castle

ABA Year 13 Physics Course Manual, C Rutter

StudyPass NCEA Level 3 Physics Essential Course Information & Exam Revision Guide

Really Useful Resources NCEA Level 3 Physics Revision Guide

NCEA Exam Downloads

90180 Internal - Practical Physics Investigation
90181 Internal - Describe a Use of Physics Knowledge
90182 Waves & Light
90183 Mechanics
90184 Heat Transfer & Nuclear Physics
90185 Electricity & Magnetism  
  Assessment Answers 2004



90252 Internal - Measurement & Analysis
90254 Waves 
90255 Mechanics  
90256 Atoms & Radioactivity
90257 Electricity & Electromagnetism  
90258 Internal - Understanding of Physics
  Assessment Answers 2004




90520 Wave Systems
90521 Mechanical Systems
90522 Atoms, Photons & Nuclei
90523 Electrical Systems
90774 Internal - Practical Physics Investigation with mathematical Relationships
  Assessment Answers 2004


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