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"I would really like to thank AHeadStart tutoring as i had been to other tuition over other years and had felt that it didn't feel i had gained anything from this but form the tutoring and help you gave to me i felt i had grasped the subject better and it gave me more confidence in my ability which prepared me better for my exams. "


Emily Farquhar
Year 13, Level 3 Physics



How AHeadStart tuition can help you or your child:

  • Tuition in every secondary Mathematics, English, Science & Commerce subject is available.

  • National Certificate of Education Achievement (NCEA)

  • Assistance with internal achievement standards during the year

  • Assistance with preparation and revision for external achievement standards during school or national exams.

  • Cambridge: International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

  • International Baccalaureate (IB)

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AHeadStart aims to help every student make the most of their abilities:

  • Personalised one-on-one lessons allow students to progress at their own pace.

  • Students feel relaxed and have space to ask lots of questions.

  • Students are encouraged to discover their learning style and utilise it during study.

Immediate, positive and corrective feedback helps students to stay on track.

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How AHeadStart has helped students with their study:

"During my tuition I learnt to answer longer questions in my chosen subject, by structuring my answers around the questions. My Tutor also helped to boost my confidence, through the high level of knowledge which was past down to me, in a personalized and effective way. "


Jackson Henry, December 2009
Year 11, Level 1 Physical Science.



"I learnt new, and better study methods, that helped me raise my grades for practice exams from a Merit level, to an Excellence level. "


Neil Viegas, December 2009
Year 11, Level 2 Mathematics.



"I learnt how to take a question and work through it simply and correctly. I was taught how to properly use the formulas given, to understand and answer selected questions. I was taught the information which i needed to know for the exam which i had not been properly taught. "


Danielle Mather, December 2009
Year 12, Level 2 Physics.




  • Mary-Anne Stone, Elsie' Mum, Year 12 Maths:
    Melanie had just the right approach to engage Elsie. Really made it accessible and logical and non-threatening. One on one is a relaxed place was exactly what was required.
  • Jenny Hughey, Amuri's Mum, Year 11 Chemistry
    Gave my daughter confidence and helped her prepare for the exams. Provided her with the ability to verbally discuss the subject in a relaxed manner.

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