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Please read and understand the terms and conditions  of tuition with AHeadStart prior to completing this form.


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Accounting Biology
Calculus Chemistry
Classics Economics
English Geography
History Mandarin
Mathematics Physics
Science Statistics and Modelling


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To understand the subject(s) better
To get help with practice and revision
To improve test and exam results
To prepare for a future course
To get help to concentrate while studying
To learn better study habits/techniques
To enjoy subject(s) better
To catch up on missed work at school
Do not learn well from teacher(s) at school
To learn subject more quickly
Find it difficult to concentrate in class
To improve confidence
School does not provide enough help
Have additional learning needs
Other, please specify

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Tutorial Plans:

Platinum Plan: Suits students who need guidance, weekly homework and progress reports every 5 tutorials. We recommend students on this plan purchase our NCEA booklets of past exam papers as a resource for tutorials, homework and study.


Gold Plan: Suits self-motivated students who can take charge of their own learning and have questions about their school work.


Silver Plan: Suits self-motivated students wanting personalised tuition in pairs. Students need to have a sibling or friend they would like to have tuition with before choosing this plan.


Group Plan: For self-motivated students who would like tuition in a group. Students need to have siblings or friends they would like to have tuition with before choosing this plan.


NCEA Exam Workshops Term 4: For self-motivated students wanting a structured study time with assistance available.


Select Tutorial Plan:

Prices indicated are per student.
To read more details about tuition plans click here >>

Tutorial Frequency:

Weekly: Students have a regular weekly tutorial (or more) during the school terms. Tutorials continue to the end of the academic year or until you notify us via email (with 7 days notice) that you would like to end tutorials..


Casual: Students schedule tutorials as required, with no ongoing commitment. The same tutorial day, time and location may not always be available.


Select Tutorial Frequency:

Please read and understand the terms and conditions of weekly tuition prior to selecting this option.


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Select Suitable Tutorial Locations:

Please select all the locations which may be suitable.

Please be aware that not all tutors travel to all libraries, so we may not be able to meet at the library you request,
but we will do our best to find a mutually suitable location for both student and tutor.

Home Tuition (includes $12 travel fee within Christchurch or $15 travel fee to outer locations)
AHeadStart Hoon Hay Office
University of Canterbury Libraries
Central City Public Library (Manchester St)
Central City Public Library (Peterborough St)
Fendalton Public Library
Halswell Public Library
Linwood Public Library
New Brighton Public Library
Papanui Public Library
Parklands Public Library
Redwood Public Library
Shirley Public Library
South Public Library
Spreydon Public Library
Upper Riccarton Library

Select if NCEA Booklets of Exams & Notes are required:

Booklets are $9 per External Achievement Standard & include NCEA papers from 2008-2015.

For students on the Platinum Plan these are essential.


Accounting Biology
Calculus Chemistry
Economics English
Geography Mathematics
Physics Science
Statistics and Modelling


We will contact you about which Achievement Standards you require.

Select how you found out about AHeadStart:

Google or other search engine
Yellow Pages Book
Yellow Pages Online
AHeadStart Brochure
School Newsletter
AHeadStart Smart Car
Word of mouth (family, friend or colleague)
Radio Ad - The Edge
Radio Ad - The Breeze
Other, please specify

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