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With expert guidance and encouragement all students have the ability to succeed in Mathematics, English, Science and Commerce subjects.


How AHeadStart tuition can help you or your child:

  • Tuition available in every Mathematics & Science subject.
  • Tuition available in English, Economics & Accounting, Geography, History & even more  subjects.
  • Students of all abilities and backgrounds are welcome.
  • NCEA exam preparation and revision.


AHeadStart aims to help every student make the most of their abilities:

  • Personalised one-on-one lessons allow students to progress at their own pace.
  • Students feel relaxed and have space to ask lots of questions.
  • Students are encouraged to discover their learning style and utilise it during study.
  • Immediate, positive and corrective feedback helps students to stay on track.


How does tuition from AHeadStart compare?

"AHeadStart is superior as it was full one on one and his concerns [were] totally dealt with. He gained so much from each session. "


Karen Henry, December 2009
Parent of Jackson
Year 11, Level 1 Physical Science.




"Mel made everything fun! Unlike in a classroom, being one on one means she could explain things better. She has fun ways of explaining things to you which means that it's easier for you to remember! I felt all the tutorials I had with Mel were very enjoyable and helpful. "


Alice Christensen, December 2009
Year 13, Level 2 Physics




"It is a big difference. AHeadStart tution method was very valuable and it helped my child improve from not achieved to excellence. "


Rohana Petta Tantirige, December 2009
Parent of Supun
Year 11, Level 1 Physical Science




"[My son] found other tuition a chore, whereas he enjoys AHeadStart. "


Mother of Year 10 Maths & Science Student
December 2009



AHeadStart Tuition Plans:

Platinum Plan - For students wanting coaching, motivation and monitored progress in personalised one-on-one tutorials.

Gold Plan - For self-motivated students wanting personalised one-on-one tutorials.

Silver Plan - For self-motivated students wanting personalised one-on-one tuition in pairs.

Group Plan - For self-motivated students who are looking for tutorials in a group situation.

NCEA Workshops   - For self-motivated students who are looking for tutorials in a group situation.






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