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Having one of the most popular male names in the 90s, I would like to introduce myself as Cameron!

I was raised in the small, rural city of Invercargill, which is known most notably for its love of small talk about the weather. In Year 13 I was lucky enough to be Head Boy of James Hargest College, and as far as my personality goes, I have always been considered to be a very out-going, helpful and approachable person - the last of which I believe to be an essential quality of a good tutor.

My subject of expertise at AHeadStart is English. Three consecutive excellence endorsements in English back this up. I have continued exercising my love of English and English-based subjects at UC, throwing myself into a double degree of Law and Political Science. In the long run I hope to work in the field of international law and/or refugee law.

As a recent school leaver, the NCEA curriculum is all too familiar to me. I still vividly remember my experiences with the standards, from the spontaneous Monday morning unfamiliar text questions that my teacher would blindside the class with, to the late nights collecting and annotating quotes from Macbeth and his accomplices. My notable understanding of the standards and credible grades in them spill over into other English-based subjects, including the likes of Drama and History. I have a passion for teaching others and, personally, I find it incredibly rewarding to see someone achieve their potential after assisting them to tap into it.

I am thoroughly looking forward to helping you to get to where you want to be in your NCEA studies, and have some fun with it along the way!

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