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Hi there!

I am an experienced tutor in mathematics; I know the NCEA syllabus very well in both Statistics and Calculus. I am confident in Chemistry and Physics up to university level and enjoy a bit of Economics on the side.

My teaching style is all about positivity and encouragement. I love to see progress with my students. I encourage a positive attitude to learning rather than cramming for a test. As a student all I ask of you is that you try bring a positive attitude to our tutorials.

I grew up on the coast of Whangarei in a small town called Ngunguru this is where I learnt to love the sea. During high school I successfully endorsed all 3 levels with excellence and worked as a contracted mathematics tutor for school years 6 to 12. I moved down to Christchurch to study at the University of Canterbury in 2018. I am currently studying financial engineering. Outside the classroom I like to live a well-rounded life, balancing of social events, exercise, work and studies. Health and wellbeing is a huge focus of mine recently.

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