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Are private one-on-one tutorials provided, as well as group lessons?

Yes! AHeadStart provides private one-on-one tutorials where the student feels relaxed and can ask any questions. Tuition in pairs is also available and this can be particularly effective for students who like to learn by discussion as the students study the same material so they can bounce ideas off each other.

What level Maths, English & Science does AHeadStart provide tuition in?

AHeadStart specialises in tuition for secondary school students in Years 9-13, especially NCEA Levels 1-3. Tuition is also available in English, Mathematics and Science for primary school students in Year 7 & 8 to provide a solid foundation before they reach secondary school. AHeadStart can assist adult students who are starting a new course of study too.

Can a tutor come to our home?

Yes! AHeadStart offers tutorials at the University of Canterbury Libraries and a range of Canterbury Public Libraries. AHeadStart tutors are also more than happy to travel to the student's home, school or another convenient location for  private tutorials, at an additional travel fee.

What is the usual length of a tutorial?

Tutorials are usually one hour long, as this allows sufficient time to cover a reasonable amount of material while the student remains focused. However, sometimes one hour is not enough time to answer all the student's questions and a 90 minute lesson may be required. This will be especially true if more than one subject is being tutored at a time. At NCEA Levels 1-3 AHeadStart highly recommends that a student has a one hour lesson for each subject, each week.

How often are tutorials? 

Usually students choose to have regular weekly lessons. AHeadStart recommends this as it helps the student to stay on top of their particular curriculum and not get behind.
If a student requires tuition in more than one subject we recommend that a one hour lesson a week is dedicated to each subject, especially at NCEA Levels 1-3, but this depends on the amount of tuition a student requires. Closer to exam time in Term 3 & 4 more than one lesson a week is often desirable to provide guidance in the revision process.
It is also possible to have lessons on a casual basis. This may be convenient if the student has specific questions, but otherwise has a good understanding of their studies.

Are tutorials available during the school holidays?

Yes! Lessons are also available in the school holidays. AHeadStart highly recommends that students use the holidays to catch up on all the work that needs completing and revising.

What times are tutorials available?

Lessons are available on any day and at any time, but are usually 3pm-8pm on weekdays and 9am - 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The days and times will depend on what will work for both the tutor and student. Other times may be available on request, particularly around NCEA exam time so please contact us to find out what is available.

Are practice exams and revision notes provided?

Yes! For students taking NCEA subjects previous NZQA exam papers are used frequently for revision and exam preparation. NCEA Exam Booklets are available for $9 per External Achievement Standard. Internal Acievement Standards are available at cheaper rates. 

How much do tutorials cost?

The cost of tutorials start from only $30 per hour. Please check out our different tuition plans to see what would suit you or your child.

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  • Mother of Year 10 Maths
    It was a slow start, but regular tutition and improved results made him realise that working hard has it merit. AHeadStart filled the gaps in his learning.
  • Bridget Philpott, Angus' Mum, Year 10 Maths
    One on one tuition, coming to the school especially because he is a boarder, this made it easy for me as a parent.
  • Mother of Year 12 Chemistry, Maths
    Mel continually provides excellent support. Often in a classroom some points can be missed, however the one on one with Mel has ensured that everything is covered, and learnt properly.

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