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NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement) is New Zealand''s main national qualification for secondary school students and part of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), which is administered by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority   (NZQA).

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority coordinates qualifications in secondary schools and in post-school education and training, maintains national standards, evaluates overseas qualifications and administers national secondary examinations.


"Chemistry marks from the beginning of the year were "Achieved". From tuition they were improved to "Excellence". Gained more knowledge of the subjects which helped with NCEA."


Supun Petta, December 2009
Year 11 Chemistry & Physics




AHeadStart offers the following NCEA subjects for tuition. *

NCEA Level 1

NCEA Level 2

NCEA Level 3

AHeadStart wishes to inform learners that completing these programmes using these NQF materials will not entitle them to formal recognition against NQF standards or the award of an NQF qualification.

How does tuition from AHeadStart compare?

"AHeadStart is superior as it was full one on one and his concerns [were] totally dealt with. He gained so much from each session. "


Karen Henry, December 2009
Parent of Jackson
Year 11, Level 1 Physical Science.




"It is a big difference. AHeadStart tution method was very valuable and it helped my child improve from not achieved to excellence. "


Rohana Petta Tantirige, December 2009
Parent of Supun
Year 11, Level 1 Physical Science.




"[My son] found other tuition a chore, whereas he enjoys AHeadStart."


Mother of Year 10 Maths & Science Student
December 2009



To find out about AHeadStart Tuition Plans:

Personal Coach (Platinum) - to comprehensively guide studentsin a one-on-one situation in their study toward NCEA exams click here>>

Personal Advisor (Gold Plan) to provide explanations and encouragement to students in a positive one-on-one setting click here >>

Advisor (Silver Plan)  - to provide explanations and discussion about mathematics and science in pairs click here >>




  • Mary-Anne Stone, Elsie' Mum, Year 12 Maths:
    Melanie had just the right approach to engage Elsie. Really made it accessible and logical and non-threatening. One on one is a relaxed place was exactly what was required.
  • Jenny Hughey, Amuri's Mum, Year 11 Chemistry
    Gave my daughter confidence and helped her prepare for the exams. Provided her with the ability to verbally discuss the subject in a relaxed manner.

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