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Science explains the world through the objective gathering and analysing of data.

Science explores the natural world, engineering, space, physics and even supernatural phenomena.

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Year 11 NCEA Science Study Guide: Year 11 - Ncea Study Guide (ESA study guide)

AME Year 11 Science Workbook (AME Workbooks)

New Directions in Science: NCEA Level 1

Year 12 NCEA Science Study Guide

AME Year 12 Science Workbook (AME Workbooks)

Year 11 NCEA Science Study Guide (ESA Study Guides)


"I have found out that I've been top of my science class this year! I'm winning award for exellence in science!!!! With out Mel's help, I wouldn't be getting the award! and I'm feeling very proud of my self at the moment and hope maths will catch up ;)"

Year 10 Student, December 2009
Mathematics & Science


"Having no experience in getting extra tuition for my daughter before .. I am glad I started when we did, sooner would of been better."


Sandra McSherry, December 2009
Mother of Michaela
Year 11 Mathematics & Science


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Year 9

ESA Year 9 Science Study Guide, M Borthwick, J Dunlop, E Murray, J Standley

New Millenium Science 1, G Hunt


Year 10

ESA Year 10 Science Study Guide, H Coates, S Copeland, J Rippon, M Standley

New Millenium Science 2, G Hunt


Year 11, Level 1

ESA Year 11 Science Study Guide, B Hannay & P Howison & M Sayes

AME Year 11 Science Workbook, J Ding & B Hannay

Pathfinder Science Year 11, G Hook

New Directions in Science, A Wignall & T Wales

StudyPass NCEA Level 1 Science Essential Course Information & Exam Revision Guide

Really Useful Resources NCEA Level 1 Science Revision Guide


Year 12, Level 2

ESA Year 12 Science Study Guide, D Blaker

AME Year 12 Science Workbook, S Talbett


Year 13, Level 3

ESA Year 13 Science Study Guide, D Blaker & S Talbett

AME Year 13 Science Workbook, S Talbett

NCEA Exam Downloads

90186 Internal - Practical Science Investigation
90187 Internal - Describe a Use of Science Knowledge
90188 Biology
90189 Chemistry
90190 Geology
90191 Physics  
90192 Astronomy
  Assessment Answers 2004



90312 Internal - Practical Science Investigation
90314 NZ Endemic Species
90315 Organic Mixtures
90316 NZ Geological History & Stars
90317 Physics to Solve Problems
90764 Stars
90766 Fertilisers
90767 NZ Geological History
90768 Light
90771 Internal - Research Information
90772 Evolution NZ Plants & Animals
  Assessment Answers 2004




90727 Internal - Practical Science Investigation
90728 Internal - Research Current Scientific Controversy
90729 Genetic Processes
90730 Organic Compounds
90731 Geological Processes Affecting NZ
90732 EMR, Radioactivity, Sound & Ultrasound
90733 Internal - Astronomical Event
  Assessment Answers 2004




93104 Science Scholarship


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