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Tailored to meet your individual needs


Every student has very unique and specific learning requirements, At AHeadStart we aim to meet your needs and surpass your expectations.
During either a face-to-face consultation, phone conversation, we will find out about your tutoring needs to make sure we can assist you to the best of our ability.



The first step is to determine your individual goals and determine what success will look like for you.


The top five objectives of AHeadStart students typically are:

1. To improve internal, test and exam results.
2. To learn subjects more quickly and have help with practise and revision.
3. To improve confidence.
4. To learn better study habits and techniques.
5. To prepare for a future course.

it is also important to understand the reasons you feel you are being held back in your learning.

The top 5 reasons students start tuition with AHeadStart is typically because they:

1. Do not understand or enjoy the subject.
2. Do not learn well from their teacher at school (or completing a course by distance).
3. Find it difficult to concentrate while studying.
4. Find it difficult to concentrate in class.
5. Missed work at school and want to catch up (usually due to illness, other school commitments or trips away).




The second step is to knowing which areas of learning need to be targeted in tutorials. This is crucial for efficient use of tutorial time and to help you achieve the best results. This also is useful to select the best tuition plan to suit your needs.

If you know the specific areas of concern and are a self-motivated student wanting one-on-one tutorials, the Gold Plan might suit best.

Specific learning gaps might include or be due to:

1. Individual content sub-topics due to poor teaching, lack of individual attention, or missing some school.
2. A particular skill that crosses multiple topics or subjects.
3. Foundational skills which are necessary for higher year levels.

If you are unsure where to start, the one-on-one Platinum Plan is most likely to suit best. An initial assessment is available to primary and secondary school students who have a face-to-face initial consultation. It will be helpful to bring along recent schoolwork, past exams and school reports, as the more information the better your tuition can be targeted.

An initial assessment will reveal:

1. Specific content sub-topics that require assistance.
2. The overall level a student is at in their learning.
3. Reasons why a student may be struggling with a certain subject, so these can be overcome.
4. The student's learning and long-term goals.
5. A strategy for your tutor to plan ongoing tutorials.




The third step is selection of the most appropriate tutor. This is an important to make sure tutorials are enjoyable and suited to your needs. AHeadStart will have a range of tutors to suit you.

All of our tutors are high achieving, excellent communicators and passionate about their subjects and education. They are also young, and easily able to connect with each student on their level. No ancient teachers who taught in the dark ages!

The top 5 questions to ask yourself when it comes to choosing the right tutor:

1. Which subjects do you or your child need help with?
2. Where would you like to meet the tutor for tutorials?
3. What days and times are you or your child available? 
4. Do you or your child have interests in common with potential tutors - either educational or extra-curricular?
5. When you read their profile do they sound like the right fit?




At AHeadStart we recognise that all students are different, particularly when it comes to the best method of learning. Your individual learning style refers to the preferential way in which you absorb, process, comprehend and retain information.

We recommend completing our online learning styles analysis before starting tutorials.




Personality type preferences may affect a student’s interest and motivation when it comes to learning and studying. It can also affect the ease or difficulty that information is taken in, processed and remembered. This means that it's important for success that the learning format, process, environment, and presentation of material are all in line with each student’s personality type.

We recommend completing our online personality type quiz before starting tutorials.