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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step


Melanie Coker.jpg"Hi, I'm Melanie Coker, the  founder and director of AHeadStart Ltd. 

Tuition from AHeadStart provides students with the tools to achieve their best, no matter what level they are at.

Starting from five tutors, AHeadStart now has more than 50 tutors in Christchurch. Over 2,000 students have so far benefitted from our tuition. So many have gone on to achieve degrees they would never have believed possible while at school. Tuition with AHeadStart has opened their minds to the possibilities, altered their dreams for the better and ultimately changed their lives.

I will personally guide each student on their tutoring journey, and make sure they have the best tutor to suit their needs. I give you my personal guarantee."


The founding of AHeadStart

Starting tutoring in 2004, by June 2009 I had 25 students coming along each week and fitting them in around my PhD studies was becoming tough. Realising I needed more tutors to help me, I established AHeadStart in July 2009 and took on our first four tutors. Juggling the business with study was yet another challenge, but I handed in my PhD thesis in 2010 and graduated the following year.

AHeadStart has continued to grow ever since due to the growing need for personalised tutoring, rather than the group tutoring offered at major tutoring companies. I never intended to start a business, but I firmly believe in the power of education to create a successful path for students in their life journey.

The empowerment of tuition

One student I especially recall really struggled with his Maths and Science subjects at school, though he had an excellent attitude and work ethic. He carried on the university to complete a BSc in Geology and has now even completed his Masters degree! He would never have thought this possible back in Year 10 and I will always be extremely proud of him.

Students look to private tuition to assist them for many different reasons. Some students struggle at school - possibly because they are not getting the help they need from their teachers, which leaves them behind their peers and so they become disillusioned with the education system. Some students may have given up on themselves because a teacher or authority figure has told them they are no good, and they may not have enough confidence to push through when learning or when assessments get tough. Some students have clear goals, such as becoming a pilot, doctor, teacher or engineer, but they might need help to understand the foundations or intricacies of the prerequisite subjects. 

Never give up on yourself. Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.