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Choose how often you would like tutorials

Students starting tuition select their tuition frequency. Both weekly and casual tuition options are available.





  • Weekly students have a regular weekly tutorial (or more) during the school terms.

  • Tutorials continue to the end of the academic year or until you notify us via email (with 7 days' notice) that you would like to end tutorials.

Why Weekly Tutorials?

In order to establish a regular study routine and help you keep on top of your school work we recommend a minimum of one tutorial per week.

If a student is significantly behind and has a lot of catching up to do, or has an urgent assessment due, it can be very useful to start with two tutorials per week or several close together. With your tutor you can at any time reevaluate the necessity of continuing this way.

The time of the year when a student begins tutoring may also influence the frequency. At the beginning of the school year, weekly tutorials will be sufficient, while closer to exams many students choose to have extra tutorials to be fully prepared. 

For those students who are lacking in motivation and are choosing the Platinum Plan, weekly tutorials are best. This allows our tutors to regularly review with their students what has been covered in class each week, help give their students a head start on content that is to be covered in school the next week, as well as set relevant homework for the concepts that require more practice.






  • Casual students schedule tutorials as required, with no ongoing commitment.

  • The same tutorial day, time and location may not always be available.

  • Casual tutorials incur an extra $10 charge per tutorial on top of the usual tutorial fee.


Why Casual Tutorials?

If a student is lacking in spare time and unable commit to a regular weekly lesson, or only needs a small amount of assistance at various times, we recommend casual tutorials.

If a student is self-motivated and generally comfortable with their subject, casual tutorials may suit. This frequency also works well for students who are behind on a particular section of missed work due to sporting commitments or illness, or have limited questions they need answered,




Choose how long you would like each tutorial


How Long Should a Tutoring Session Last?



All tutorials are a minimum of one hour long, but can be extended by 30 minute intervals.

One hour of tutoring often goes by quickly, as there is a lot to do in this time, so having a longer tutorial may beneficial. This depends on a number of factors, listed further below.



A tutorial would often include:

  1. getting set-up,

  2. reviewing what the student has covered in class,

  3. covering material that needs to be caught up or revised,

  4. answering any questions the student might have,

  5. helping the student get a head start on content that is coming up in school or needed for an assessment,

  6. as well as checking progress and setting relevant homework.


Many students often choose to have longer tutorials of 90 minutes or two hours, and some student have even had up to four hours!

Longer Tutorials Suit When a Student:

  • is very far behind and requires significant catch-up,

  • wants more comprehensive assistance to achieve the best grades,

  • is preparing for an upcoming assessment or exam and wants to be fully prepared,

  • or is covering multiple subjects with the same tutor.