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To help you achieve success in your studies.


AHeadStart has been tutoring Christchurch students since July 2009. Yuppie_76.jpg
Our vision is to empower each student on their own path to success.

One of the steps to achieving this is to provide students like yourself with access to the right resources they need to succeed. 

Please see below a growing list of resources and tips that will help you learn the best way for you to study, as well resources you can use.

All the Best!

Melanie, AHeadStart


Learning Styles Quiz

Learning Styles Analysis.gif

Knowing your preferred learning style can help to improve your method and quality of learning.

By understanding your own personal style, you can adapt the learning process and techniques you already use, or try something completely different!

By taking this learning styles quiz, not only will you find out what will work best for you, but it will make you more efficient so you can learn more quickly, and hopefully get better results!

There's no time to lose!

Personality Type Quiz

Personality Quiz iStock_682230202.jpg

The purpose of knowing about your personality type is to understand and appreciate differences between people.

All personality types are equal, but some personality types work better with some personality types than others. This can be very important when it comes to tuition, as the student and tutor must be able to understand each other for the student to gain the maximum benefit from each tutorial.

The MBTI quiz sorts for preferences and does not measure trait, ability or character.

Once you have completed this quiz, an email will be sent to you with information about your strongest personality type.


Study Techniques

Study Tip Group Study A copy.jpg

Our tutors are putting together a comprehensive list of study techniques they use to achieve success in their university studies.

Please have a look at these and think about how to adapt them to suit you.

You can also follow us on Instagram for regular updates.


NCEA Subject Booklets

Study Tip Exam Conditions A copy.jpg

One of the best way to prepare for any assessment is to include practising past papers in your study plan. This is especially true for NCEA due to the stylised answers which are required.

As exams are mostly still completed with pen and paper, we recommend using paper copies of past papers to practise with. one option is to print these out, but with all the individual pieces of papers, its quite easy to lose them. It's a filing nightmare!

AHeadStart produces NCEA subject booklets for internal and external standards. These contain all the past papers you will need to get prepared to the level required for NCEA. We currently only sell these to students who receive tutoring from AHeadStart.

We also recommend starting your practise well in advance of in-class tests at the end of the topic being taught, also before school exams in Term 3, as well as throughout Term 4 to prepare well for NCEA.