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Melanie Coker small.jpg"Hi, I'm Melanie Coker, the  founder and director of AHeadStart Ltd. 

Tuition from AHeadStart provides students with the tools to achieve their best, no matter what level they are at.

Starting from five tutors in 2009, AHeadStart now has more than 50 tutors in Christchurch. Over 2,000 students have so far benefitted from our tuition. So many have gone on to achieve degrees they would never have believed possible while at school. Tuition with AHeadStart has opened their minds to the possibilities, altered their dreams for the better and ultimately changed their lives.

I will personally guide each student through the start of their tutoring journey, and make sure they have the best tutor to suit their needs. I give you my personal guarantee."


Why AHeadStart Tuition?

  • Personalised tutoring in Christchurch - one-on-one or in small groups
  • Tuition for all levels - primary, secondary and adult students
  • Expert tutors - high achieving, excellent communicators with a passion for learning
  • Multiple subjects - our tutors can assist students with several subjects within each tutorial
  • Choice of tuition plans - select your desired level of guidance, including progress reports
  • Convenient Christchurch locations - at a local library or in your own home
  • Payment options - pay per tutorial, or in bulk for a 10% discount
  • No fixed term - choose how many tutorials you need to achieve your goals

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Individually customised tutorials match each student's own unique needs


Our initial assessment and tailored lessons allows students to be taught more effectively, in a way that meets their own specific requirements.


Individual tuition benefits students as they focus better, increase their confidence and learn more.

Expert Tutors

We guide students in their studies and help them develop better study skills, so they perform their best in exams and assessments.

“Hi Melanie,

Just thought I would let you know Ryan’s results for NCEA. Ryan was endorsed overall in Merit. He got individual subject endorsements as well. He passed every external which was amazing considering he was so sick! So proud of him.

With the subjects Hayden helped Ryan in I couldn’t believe he got a Merit in Mechanics because he failed his practice exam and he had found the subject difficult.

Maths Excellence in Chance and Data and the rest Merits.

Thank you to Hayden for all his hard work. Would highly recommend him as a tutor. Thank you to you also, you are amazing.

Thanking you and Hayden,
Kerrie and Ryan.”

Ryan’s mother Kerrie, January 2017
Year 11 Science & Mathematics

“I want to thank you for the tutoring Ben has received. I appreciate that Ben hasn’t been the easiest student to teach, but I have been very happy with the tutoring he received

Kind regards, Lisa”

Ben’s mother Lisa, October 2016
Year 12 Chemistry

“Robson has found the tutoring immensely helpful and Brooke both incredibly talented and supportive.

We will happily be recommending your company to others and haven been grateful for the overall professionalism.

Kind regards, Heather”

Robson’s mother Heather, November 2016
Year 11, English & Science

“Good Evening Melanie,

Thank you for your best wishes to Claudia which I will pass on. Claudia has really benefited and enjoyed her tuition with Anna and will continue to use Anna with further studies in the future.

Claudia has already passed Level 2 with Merit so it's just a matter of subject endorsements now. Good to get this fantastic news prior to sitting the actual exams! I'm very proud of Claudia. 

Thanks again, been well worth it!

Kind regards, Victoria”

Claudia’s mother Victoria, November 2016
Year 12, Physics


Thank you for the report. Liam has helped Attica enormously for which we are very grateful.


Attica’s father Branton, October 2016
Year 13 Physics

“Thanks Melanie. Mo has been a wonderful tutor to Dalton and Dalton has really come to like him. I have already asked Mo if he is still tutoring next year to assist Dalton again. Wishing you a happy Christmas and many thanks for all your help.”

Dalton’s mother Brigitte, November 2016
Year 11, Mathematics

“We would like to thank you and Jackson for the tuition provided over the last 2 years. You have provided a well organised, friendly and cost effective service and Jackson has been amazing with how well he works with Luke.

Regards, Glenda O'Neill”

Luke’s mother Glenda, October 2016
Year 13 Biology, Chemistry & Physics

“Hi Melanie

Aaron was a lovely young man and his tutoring was invaluable.

Thank you, Ann”

Genaya’s mother Ann, November 2016
Year 13, Biology & English

“Hi Melanie

We really want to say thank you for your professional and friendly service. The tuition has certainly helped Benjamin to achieve better in Physics and Maths. He really does struggle with his learning and we were encouraging him to tackle these tricky subjects to allow him to achieve in these UE subjects.

Please pass onto James that he has been amazing and Benjamin really enjoyed receiving tuition from him. He was very good at encouraging and teaching Ben at Ben's level of understanding.

Many thanks, Sarah”

Ben’s mother Sarah, November 2016
Year 12, Physics

“Please thank the tutors very much from both Josh and myself. Josh has said they have been incredibly helpful over this past year, the difference between Merit and Excellence.

Thank you for your assistance over the past years with both Josh and Matt, it has been invaluable.

Kind Regards, Cate”

Josh’s mother Cate, November 2016
Year 13, Calculus & Statistics

“Hi Melanie

Having Aria as Mackenzie's tutor for Maths has been the best decision - it has made a huge difference to her understanding of the topic. This has shown up in her confidence and been reflected in her grades at school. One to one lessons has been the great benefit compared to the classroom where she struggled to get the teachers attention for most of the year. Mackenzie did well in her internal geometric reasoning exam and felt confident going into the end of year exam - however she said it was a strange exam compared to what they had been learning so end results will tell.

So please give Aria a huge thank you and we would love to have her time again next year. Overall I am pleased with your service and the reports provide Mackenzie with great support.

So best wishes for the end of the year and I will re-enrol for next year.

Many thanks, Bronwyn”

Mackenzie’s mother Bronwyn, November 2016
Year 11, Mathematics

“Thanks Melanie,

We are very happy with Georgia’s progress. Tim is a credit to your company - polite, prompt and Georgia says she is learning heaps, so thank you.

Kind regards, Claire”

Georgia’s mother Claire, November 2016
Year 12, Mathematics & Physics

“Thank you Melanie.

Alex found both James and Bridget very, very helpful. They made a real effort to get him enthusiastic about some of his tougher subjects again!!

Regards and thanks for the wonderful service you offer. :-)


Alex’s mother Lois, November 2016
Year 13, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry & English

“Hi Melanie,

We would like to thank you most sincerely for the excellent service you have given us over the past few weeks.

Thank you for all the wonderful work your tutors have done to help Emma with her studies. I will be very quick to recommend AHeadStart to all my friends.

Have a great day.

Kind regards, Jenny”

Emma’s mother Jenny, November 2016
Year 13, Accounting, Physics & Statistics

“Hi Melanie,

Tutoring is going really well - Mitchell says he finally understands things, he thinks Jeremy is great. Thank you so much - a relief for us.”

Mitchell’s mother Amanda, November 2016
Year 12, Physics

“Alex has achieved a greater understanding of Physics thanks to working with Emma. It has taken her from not achieving in Term One to full internal Excellence results for the balance of the year. So please pass onto Emma our thanks for working with Alex throughout most of 2016. Picking Physics up for the first time in year 13 was a challenge.

Kind regards, Karen”

Alexandra’s mother Karen, October 2016
Year 13, Physics

“Hi Melanie,

Thank you so much for sorting us out with such a great tutor. Mitchell is feeling very confident and I know he really rated Jeremy as a tutor - so please pass on our thanks to him.

Kind regards, Amanda Campbell”

Mitchell’s mother Amanda, November 2016
Year 12 Physics

“The workshops have been great for William- let's see how his results are! I know he's got a lot out of each one - well at least he tells me he has.

Thanks very much to you and your team for what you offer.


William’s mother Michelle, November 2016
Year 13 Calculus & Year 12 Physics

“Hi Melanie,

Thank you so much for helping with us with a tutor at the last minute.

Thomas has really enjoyed Sam and has definitely found it helpful, so fingers crossed!! We would definitely recommend both AHeadStart and Sam to anyone.

Many thanks, Charlene”

Thomas’s mother Charlene, November 2016
Year 13, Economics

“Hello Melanie,

Thanks to you & Amelia for all your help with Neve. Her Chemistry & Physics have improved dramatically! Neve walked into the exam on Monday with confidence and is proud of her achievements and hard work. She really enjoyed going to tutoring with Amelia as she made it easy to understand and helped build her confidence in the subject.

Neve's looking at Year 12 Biology next year so will be keen to continue with AHeadStart in the new year.

Thanks again.

Cheers Shirene :)”

Neve’s mother Shirene, November 2016
Year 11, Science

“Thanks Melanie and Lauren

Lauren has been a very positive feature of the year, and I would like to thank her for her support.

Regards, Frances”

Rebecca’s mother Frances, November 2016
Year 13, English & Classics

“Hi Melanie

Adam & Tim really connected & as far as Adam is concerned the extra tutorials were absolutely worth it & all being well the mark he receives will prove it. He doesn't think he would have felt the way he does if it wasn't for Tim. He even bought him a large bar of chocolate to say "thanks"! I presume he'll let Tim know once he receives his mark.

Thanks again.

Cheers, Ade”

Adam’s mother Ade, November 2016
Year 12, Mathematics

“Hi Melanie

Adam & Tim really connected & as far as Adam is concerned the extra tutorials were absolutely worth it & all being well the mark he receives will prove it. He doesn't think he would have felt the way he does if it wasn't for Tim. He even bought him a large bar of chocolate to say "thanks"! I presume he'll let Tim know once he receives his mark.

Thanks again.

Cheers, Ade”

Adam’s mother Ade, November 2016
Year 12, Mathematics

“Hi Melanie,
The boys seem to be confident going forward for their exams so hopefully their efforts will be rewarded. Thanks for being great to deal with and for an excellent service whatever the outcome.

With thanks and best wishes


Joshua’s and Tom’s Father Arthur, November 2016
Year 11 & Year 13, Mathematics & Physics

“Hi Melanie,
Thought of letting you know that Adi is happy about his Physics paper. He was able to answer everything. I have asked him to let Ariel know.

Cheers, Gathi”

Adi’s mother Gathi, November 2016
Year 12, Physics

“Hi Melanie,

Thank you for the progress report for our daughter Helena.

Connor is doing the most fantastic job as her tutor!

Helena has gone from failing in Chemistry to passing with Merit, and it is all down to Connor!

Last week Helena was given a letter of recognition from her school, that was awarded by her teachers, for outstanding effort in English, Mathematics with Statistics........and in Chemistry!!!!!!

We have recommended' A Head Start' to a number of parents that are looking for help with their teenagers.

The true miracle is that Helena, having grown in confidence, has decided to continue with Chemistry in Yr 13 !

Thank you, once again, for employing Connor as a tutor at 'AHeadStart'.

Kind Regards, Rachel”

Helena’s mother Rachel, October 2016
Year 12, Chemistry

“Hi Melanie,

Just to let you know Eloni had her Maths assessment on Monday and passed giving her NCEA Lv1.

She is really pleased with herself and found Sam’s tutoring invaluable.

We know it was an unconventional way for her to pass but Sam proved to be adaptable and flexible.

She is moving on to doing an Ara course next year.

Regards, Chris”

Eloni’s father Chris, November 2016
Year 12, Mathematics

“Hello Melanie,
Our tutor was superb - such a great girl :-)
Esme found her so helpful.
Kind regards, Annie”

Esme’s mother Annie, December 2016
Year 11, English

“Hi Melanie,

We could not be happier with the service you and Hayden have provided for both Ella and Jacob.

I have, and will continue, to highly recommend your service to others.

We wish you and yours, a safe, happy and restful holiday season!

Kind regards, Adele”

Ella’s and Jacob’s mother Adele, December 2016
Year 12 & Year 13, Mathematics & Physics

“Please pass my thanks on to James. Thanks to his help, Jess feels more confident and feels like she has done well in both her statistics and Physics exams.

Thanks and have a great Xmas. Clare”

Jess’s mother Clare, December 2016
Year 12, Mathematics & Physics

“Amelia did a great job, and Oscar felt confident that he has passed Science.  Whether he quite makes merit remains to be seen, but without AHeadStart and Amelia, he certainly would have struggled.

Best wishes, David”

Oscar’s grandfather David, December 2016
Year 11, Science

“I would just like to say thank you to Aaron and yourself for the wonderful tuition that Mathew has received. It is appreciated.”

Mathew’s mother Andrea, December 2016
Year 12, English

“Both got a lot out of their tuition, so thank you very much for being able to organise it at such short notice. Hopefully it shows in their exam results! At least they felt more confident going into their exams.

Cheers, Tracey”

Natalie’s and Kimberley’s mother Tracey, December 2016
Year 11 & Year 13, English

“The tutoring is going extremely well and Sean has been very patient with Joshua and we have noticed a change in his attitude toward learning and reading.”

Joshua’s mother Heather, December 2016
Year 5, Reading & Writing

“Sean has been outstanding, as always, and Tom has had fantastic marks this year, graduating middle school with a Distinction, Sean has been instrumental in this.  He has also been wonderful with Ethan, who can be a challenging boy at times!

I hope you have a lovely Christmas, and thank you to you and Sean for all your support this year.

Best wishes, Jo”

Ethan’s and Tom’s mother Jo, December 2016
Year 6 & Year 10, Mathematics & Science

“Hayden has been amazing. Morgan is a much more confident boy with his studies :)”

Morgan’s mother Joyce, October 2016
Year 11, Mathematics & Science

“George did super well at his prize giving with a maths excellence certificate and overall award for science and we know a lot of that was thanks to Sean :)

Thanks, Justine.”

George’s mother Justine, January 2017
Year 8, Mathematics & Science

“Hi Melanie.

It was a pleasure to meet Brooke last evening and to discuss the plans for Angus' tuition. She is a very pleasant young woman and has a lovely energy for working with a quiet young man like Angus.

Many thanks for your quick and efficient organisation of this tuition for Angus.

Kind regards, Wendy.”

Angus’s mother Wendy, September 2016
Year 11, Biology & English

“Thank you for sending the report through, and thank you to Aaron as well.  It’s great to see Henry improving and gaining more confidence with his work.”

Henry’s parents Stephanie & John, June 2016
Year 12, English

“Hi Melanie

Thanks for your follow up. Ferg was very happy with his tutorial.  In fact he discussed it all the way home in the car.  Then I was allowed to read what he had done, and look at the work he had done at school.  (A first!!)

He knows he’s got the ideas, just getting them underway is his challenge (and then of course the proofreading, tenses etc.)  But as I have tried explaining to him a hundred times, that can all be done at a different time

The big thing is he is motivated, so really wants to do well.  So, yes, I would say the first tutorial was a success.  He was happy with Brooke and how she related to/helped him

Cheers Paula.”

Fergus’ mother Paula, June 2016
Year 11, English & Mathematics


“Zac was very helpful with the graphs which was an area Ashleigh has been struggling with in Economics. Hopefully with Zac's support she will be able to successfully pass her second sitting of her economics internal open book exam before the end of the term.”

Ashleigh’s father Karl, June 2016
Year 12, Economics

“By the way, feedback from Eveane is that these sessions are awesome. Even after only the first one things were making more sense to her and she has said they've helped hugely. Connor is very good and very patient with her. I only wish I had gotten onto these sooner!

Thanks so much, Suz.”

Eveane’s mother Suzanne, June 2016
Year 12, Chemistry

“Hi Melanie,

Waitaha came home really positive about his first session with Jonathan, he said he was very good and it helped his understanding of the maths they covered today.

Thanks again, Sharon.”

Waitaha’s mother Sharon, June 2016
Year 11, Mathematics

“Thanks Mel,

The only feedback I have is that Josh told me yesterday “if Max tutored me every day I would be a genius!”

Cheers, Cate.”

Josh’s mother Cate, June 2016
Year 13, Calculus

“Cameron continues to do a brilliant job with Sarah’s learning, he is keeping her engaged and good results at school to show [for it]. Warm regards and have a great weekend. Bev.”

Sarah’s mother Bev, May 2016
Year 11, English

“Hi Melanie

Sorry for late response but in relation to Friday’s session the feedback I received from Braxton was really good. He said it was a really good session with Zak and he understands what they were working on sooooo much better so please can you pass on my thanks to Zak.

Kind Regards, Donna.”

Braxton’s mother Donna, May 2016
Year 11, Accounting

“Hi Melanie

Harry said the tutorial with Hayden was really really good. He said Hayden is was clear and kept moving (didn't waste time on stuff Harry knew) but made sure he understood before moving on.

Thanks so much Melanie - I felt the stress draining away after Harry told me the above about Hayden. It makes such a huge difference when I can be confident Harry has such great help to pass his exams. I am so impressed with how you run AHeadStart, so organised and on to it. I hope you are getting lots of students - I certainly have told quite a few people now.

Thanks and kind regards


Harry’s mother Judith, May 2016
Year 12, Chemistry & Physics

“Jake had a very positive opinion of his first tutorial. He did say that he liked the way Hayden explained things and they seemed to have a good rapport.

Thank you very much for your assistance and we are very confident that this arrangement will be very beneficial for Jake.”

Jacob’s mother Adele, April 2016
Year 13, Calculus & Physics

“Morning, Many thanks for Maddi’s progress report– Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the progress Maddi is making and we believe a lot of this can be contributed to Jackson’s fantastic way of teaching Maddi…
Kind regards, Sue”

Maddi’s mother Sue, April 2016
Year 11, Mathematics & Science


“Melanie, I meant to call you on Friday to say how delighted Jordan was with the pack and goodies and how impressed both he and Fletcher were with Michael. They said he's making physics sound so achievable.
Please pass on my congratulations to Michael - he may be able to crack the 'code' and get Jordan excited about science again.
Looking forward to tomorrow. Liza.”

Jordan’s mother Liza, April 2016
Year 12, Physics


“Just want to pass on some great news. Ben has passed a Maths Internal with Merit!!!! This is the first Merit he has received in Maths.

So we feel very satisfied that Tuition is good for Ben. He also is very happy with James and pleased that he swapped.”

Ben’s mother Sarah, April 2016
Year 12, Mathematics & Physics


“Josh said the time with Jacob was good and that in his next maths class he had he was able to understand it better. So we are both happy �� thank you. Lynne”

Josh’s mother Lynne, March 2016
Year 11, Mathematics


“Hi Melanie,
Ben really enjoyed the lesson - learnt heaps he said ! Very upbeat about it, and really liked Sean. Many thanks and best wishes, Susie.”

Ben’s mother Susie, March 2016
Year 7, Mathematics

“Hi Melanie

Sam really enjoyed it and thought Sean was awesome.  His words were 'he's young and cool, and he stays on the subject, he doesn't get distracted and start talking about other things'.  So there's an honest answer from mine.  Sam is quite a social chatter so it sounds good that Sean will keep him on task. He was excited telling me about it which is what I thought as he likes one on one or in this case two to one.

I'll definitely keep you posted.  My husband dropped Sam and met Sean and he said he gets a good feeling and that we will see results.  All in all, a great first review.

Very happy indeed.  Thanks so much.”

Sam’s mother Rochelle, March 2016
Year 7, Mathematics

“Ben is very happy with James.  James is teaching Ben stuff that Ben's teacher isn't teaching, which fills in the gaps for Ben. So we are all happy!”

Ben’s mother Sarah, March 2016
Year 12, Mathematics & Physics

“Hi Melanie… Thank you for this report. Excellent feedback from Anna, she is doing just great work with our Sarah, they get along really well. Anna’s ability to motivate Sarah is fabulous!

Best regards Bev”

Sarah’s mother Bev, February 2016
Year 11, Mathematics

“Hi Melanie 

The tutorial went extremely well. Douglas was quite apprehensive but totally clicked with Jackson and said the 90minutes went very quickly and Jackson helped enormously with the maths and chemistry he had been doing this week. 

Many Thanks, Catriona”

Douglas’ mother Catriona, February 2016
Year 11, Mathematics & Science

“Anna was simply fabulous! An amazing tutor with such energy and personality! My children are both hoping they can secure her again this year. As Madeline said she made learning seem fun!! (:”

Madeline’s mother Louisa, January 2016
Year 10, Mathematics & Science

“I have been very impressed by the standard of tuition offered. My three children all at different stages have undertaken various subjects and all have seen an increase in their internal grades...moving in some cases from a basic achievement to merit or excellence levels. We are signing up again this year!
Thanks for the service you provide!”

Oliver’s mother Louisa, January 2016
Year 12, English

“The one on one in a comfortable and familiar environment really helped as did getting to know the tutor and his style/interaction. Also, being able to ask questions and go at a pace that kept information front of mind assisted overall learning.
His English grades improved in essay writing (personal responses) from an achieved to a merit. Overall he received a merit endorsement for this subject when he was nervous at the beginning of the year he may not be successful or only just achieve. This has increased his confidence with this important subject!”

Oliver’s mother Louisa, January 2016
Year 12, English

“We found AHeadStart very approachable ,quick to respond to our emails and provided an excellent tutor who made our daughter feel comfortable to ask all those questions she needed to understand the subject and pass her subject with better than expected results. Claire.”

Georgia’s mother Claire, January 2016
Year 11, Accounting

“The tuition helped Ellen pass all the Chemistry Papers at Level 3 that she sat. She learnt to understand the chemistry concepts that were proving difficult for her. [She enjoyed the] one on one time to fully understand the chemistry that she wasn't grasping in a full classroom situation and the opportunity to have her questions answered in a manner that she understood. She improved her results from the mock exams until the final exams.”

Ellen’s mother, January 2016
Year 13, Chemistry

“Our child learnt exam techniques and hoe to study efficiently. She gained Level 1 with Excellence.
With the direct one on one tutoring Issey was able to concentrate fully on areas she lacked confidence in and areas she needed to improve on.”

Isabella’s parents Simon & Robyn, January 2016
Year 11, English, Maths & Science

“Sophie passed both calculus and physics and obtained merit in mechanics, which was a topic she struggled with. Thanks for the help! Sophie was very comfortable with Max.”

Sophie’s mother Tracy, January 2016
Year 13, Calculus & Physics

“Dawn said she had a very good experience & Aaron is a very good teacher. She got excellence for her NCEA English & Classics.
​I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for guiding her in her English subject.”

Dawn’s mother Doreen, January 2016
Year 13, English

“My daughter's confidence, self-esteem and knowledge have all improved significantly. Clare had been considered 'at risk' of not passing NCEA by her school. However she ended up earning 102 credits which she was very excited about.
She doesn't find tutoring boring and is always happy to go. [She enjoys] Jackson's warm, kind and patient manner as well as his ability to explain things in different ways until she understood - he didn't make her feel stupid for asking for more detail.
Highly recommend AHeadStart.”

Clare’s mother, January 2016
Year 11, English & Science

“Tom has improved his test scores in maths and will be up streamed soon we hope. His confidence has improved hugely and that is due to the knowledge and understanding Sean has given him. Sean was easy to get on with, a great role model and very smart and appropriate at all times, a great teacher.”

Tom’s mother Jo, January 2016
Year 10, Mathematics

“Our daughter was able to learn at her own pace and to clarify points that needed clarification. It was a positive one on one learning environment. Amelia was a positive role model.
Her tuition helped her gain confidence in her own ability which translated into improved test results. She went up a stanine level during the year.”

Olivia’s mother Kerry, January 2016
Year 7, Mathematics

“AHeadStart tuition is beneficial to both the student and the parents. Regular focused tuition throughout the year enabled my dyslexic son to approach is NCEA level 3 exams in a calm, confident and organised manner. The one on one verbal tuition suits my son far better than revising by reading. I felt comfortable that George was receiving the best learning support we could provide him with. With the help of AHeadStart tutor, Jackson, our son has passed NCEA level 3 with Excellence. Thanks!”

George’s mother Judith, January 2016
Year 13, Biology & Chemistry

“AHeadStart definitely provides a more professional and comprehensive service [than other tuition].”

Emmerson’s mother Tracey, January 2016
Year 13, Biology & Chemistry

“Melanie has given my daughter more confidence in her own abilities and she is more positive and engaged in her maths. I highly recommend this to anyone who feels their child needs a boost in a subject.”

Emma’s mother Karen, January 2016
Year 11, Mathematics & Science

“The day I spoke to Melanie and set up tutoring for my daughter for Maths and English was the best decision we had made. Even though going through a tutoring service costs, it truly was worth every cent we paid.

We saw our daughter go from struggling and frustrated to confidently understanding what she was doing which in return achieved her passing Level 1 and Level 2 with absolute ease. Not only did she pass with more than enough credits she passed English both years with a Merit Endorsement.

Our aim was for our daughter to pass and achieve marks that she would be proud of and with the help of the amazing tutors that she had she accomplished all that she wanted to. Thank you AHeadStart for all of the services you offer, I would highly recommend this service to anyone!!”

Mikayla’s mother Leeann, January 2016
Year 12, English & Mathematics

“Maths and English were two topics she greatly struggled with. By the end of Level 1 and Level 2 she was achieving in ways that not only shocked us but also her teachers. The improvement was mind blowing.

In Maths it was all new work to her and she did not understand it at all, her tutor was honestly the best tutor we had ever met, he not only taught her skills to understand Maths but he got her from basic maths to achieving mainly merits throughout the two years. For English her first internal she went from getting achieved to suddenly getting excellences for every internal she ever did. And passed all of her exams.”

Mikayla’s mother Leeann, January 2016
Year 12, English & Mathematics

“Our daughter was home schooled and when she decided that she would like to do the qualifications that her friends were doing at school, we soon realized how behind she was, that was the reason I looked into a tutoring service. When I found AHeadStart they were just so helpful and helped us every step of the way.”

Mikayla’s mother Leeann, January 2016
Year 12, English & Mathematics

“Tuition for my daughter helped her so much, it was the best decision we made for her in helping her achieve her goals.

Going from home-schooling to suddenly gaining credits for Level 1 and Level 2 was hard, the work load increased and gave her quite the shock. She was very determined though and with the help of her tutors she not only went from struggling in English and Maths but to succeeding in every internal and external she did.

Her tutors were just amazing, they helped her have confidence in what they taught her but most of all they supported her every step of the way giving her an understanding and skills to work through her work.

Was worth every cent especially when we saw for ourselves how much she was improving and how she would go from sitting there confused, asking us as parents for help to understand, to sitting there confidently working through her work knowing what she was doing. She went from getting 'achieved' to 'merit's and for English all 'excellences' for the past two years.

I also found tuition around exam times fantastic, helping her go over all the past exams helped her so much and I believe by doing so it helped her understand what was expected of her in her exams.”

Mikayla’s mother Leeann, January 2016
Year 12, English & Mathematics

“My daughter, Emerson, decided that she needed to pick up specific Sciences in Year 13 having only studied General Sciences up to Yr 12. To achieve to an excellent standard in L3 Chemistry she felt tuition would be valuable. We approached AHeadStart, who provided Emerson with Jackson. He was an amazing tutor who worked with Emerson throughout 2015 to an excellent standard. We were thrilled. Needless to say we had a fantastic experience with AHeadStart.”

Emmerson’s mother Tracey, January 2016
Year 13, Biology & Chemistry

“We were very pleased with Emma’s results as she gained Level 2 with Excellence. Excellence endorsement in Art design and Biology, Merit endorsement in Maths and passed Physics with 9 ex and 13 merits and Chemistry with 12 ex and 8 achieved. Jackson Roberts was an excellent tutor and Emma would be very keen to continue with him.”

Emma’s mother Catriona, January 2016
Year 12, Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics

“Thank you for the prompt replies and great communication when providing a tutor for my daughter. Not only was it easy to arrange and receive exactly what we asked for but we achieved the results we required. Gabriella passed all her subjects with Merit or Excellence and this was our objective.”

Gabriella’s mother Tracey, January 2016
Year 12, Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics

“AHeadStart tutoring was great for my son as he did not have the confidence to ask questions in class, whereas with individual tutoring he could go over what he did not understand and gained confidence.

Thanks for your great service which we have recommended to others.”

Harry’s mother Judith, January 2016
Year 11, Science

“Tuition helped Harry as he felt confident to ask & discuss what he didn't understand in this one-on-one environment, whereas he wouldn't ask questions in a class setting. Harry passed Science NCEA. Previous to tuition he had failed his non-credit tests. Harry gained confidence in his ability and in asking for help and learnt to go over old papers and be more strategic with his study.”

Harry’s mother Judith, January 2016
Year 11, Science

“AHeadStart suited my son well. He was motivated but did not want to ask questions in class and had low confidence in Calculus. He was in Year 13 so did not want me to be too involved! His marks and confidence improved and he was happy with his NCEA results. That is all I wanted from the tuition.”

Alex’s mother, January 2016
Year 13, Calculus

“Reinforced basic concepts and showed how to answer exam questions.
He got the Calculus prize at end of year prize giving!”

Alex’s mother, January 2016
Year 13, Calculus

“Another of my children used another source of tuition and I prefer AHeadStart, more expensive but more professional and good options for locations of tutorials.”

Alex’s mother, January 2016
Year 13, Calculus

“It was a great help to Grace. It gave her more confidence with exams and she passed her MCAT which she had been concerned previously that she may not. There were particular aspects also of the curriculum that were specifically letting her down in exams and she was able to get a greater understanding of these areas.”

Grace’s mother Pam, January 2016
Year 11, Mathematics

“Jake gained a better understanding of the physics subjects he concentrated on and it supported him to a merit grade in a standard he was not sure he would pass!”

Jake’s mother, January 2016
Year 13, Physics

“The tuition was excellent and believe it really helped my son to achieve the best level he could. Dion's results did improve thru the year with tuition. I think he would have struggled without it. I'd like to say thanks!”

Dion’s mother Andrea, January 2016
Year 13, Calculus & Chemistry

“Having a tutor who was very close in age was great, she felt he really understood the topic and was easily able to explain it to her on her level, and that he knew exactly what she needed to do well in the exams.”

Gretchen’s mother Edie, January 2016
Year 13, Physics

“Thoroughly professional company, really fantastic tuition and we would very highly recommend AHeadStart. The best thing was that my daughter gained confidence in physics and seriously reduced her anxiety levels, which was a huge plus in a stressful Year 13.
We're glad that we found your company, we thought you were fantastic!”

Gretchen’s mother Edie, January 2016
Year 13, Physics

“The tuition helped immensely, prior to tuition, Edie felt like physics was a foreign language and she was not capable of understanding it. Her tutor made her see how easy it was and gave her loads of confidence because he knew exactly what she needed to learn to get good results in her exams.”

Gretchen’s mother Edie, January 2016
Year 13, Physics

“She learned that physics is fun! She learned that it is really easy to understand when she knows the language and has more confidence in her own abilities. Her marks improved markedly and she ended up receiving the Cathedral College Physics Cup for Year 13. Her teacher had always had a lot of confidence in her ability to understand physics, but Edie was almost holding herself back by thinking she wasn't capable.”

Gretchen’s mother Edie, January 2016
Year 13, Physics

“I would like to thank our tutor profusely as Anna has had a fantastic relationship with her .Both Melanie and I have observed a great step forward with regard to Anna's learning skills and overall progress. In the past Anna often floundered and did not know how to move forward as there was always something new coming up. Very frustrating for her which ate away at her confidence. Now Anna appears to enjoy her subjects and doesn't cry shy of them or skirt round them. Her tutor has helped her so much to devise a plan, system, strategy that has made a massive difference in how she approaches things and tackled the question. Hopefully this year ( 2016) we can build on this together.
I am so proud of Anna and I thank Melanie sincerely.”

Anna’s mother, January 2016
Year 12, Biology & Mathematics

“I feel Anna achieved all her objectives and irrespective of the results, I witnessed a child 'grow' in so many aspects other than just learning the subjects. Her confidence took in a different level which was profound and was evident in all areas; not just the areas being tutored.”

Anna’s mother, January 2016
Year 12, Biology & Mathematics

“I felt the help Anna received was invaluable and has made a positive contribution to her general development in both maturity , conscious application of concepts grasped and reflective appraisal of own work. Extremely rewarding to see and of immense worth to Anna and her self-esteem.”

Anna’s mother, January 2016
Year 12, Biology & Mathematics

“I have nothing but praise for the way this business is run. From the first contact (with Melanie I think) she was friendly, helpful and informative.

The tutor was excellent. My son kept going back which is a start! Plus his exam results were great.

I am very happy and would definitely recommend to family/friends as a positive, friendly and stress free experience. Some businesses are in your face with email/phone contact to introduce you to more of their opportunities but I found AHeadStart had none of that. With our busy lives these days it's annoying having lots of emails or phone calls etc, this was not the case at all.

Thank you to Melanie and her team at AHeadStart.

All the best and regards
Chris Peckham.”

Blake’s mother Chris, January 2016
Year 13, Physics

“Clare's science and English internal assessment standard scores both improved. Her tutor is very keen to understand and support her with her new learning disability diagnosis which we are very grateful for.”

Clare’s mother, January 2016
Year 11, English & Science

“We assessed AHeadStart and Kip McGrath. My son had a definite preference for AHeadStart as it was much more 'slick' and professional with younger tutors.”

Peter’s mother, January 2016
Year 9, Mathematics & Science

“[Tuition with AHeadStart was] Much better. Tom was having maths elsewhere but in a group. He liked one on one so that it was all about him and didn't feel like he was interrupting when he wanted to clarify something. Price was also very similar.

It was awesome, easy to organise, great tutor and flexibility. Thanks heaps.”

Tom’s mother Kim, January 2016
Year 11, Science

“[Tuition] helped [my son] identify what was important and focus on areas of weakness. He is really committed to sport and so felt that it made really effective use of his study time rather than scrambling through. He loved that it was one on one.”

Tom’s mother Kim, January 2016
Year 11, Science

“Jedd is dyslexic and needed assistance with implementing and understanding what he was learning at school.
Jedd's school report was excellent and he achieved "above the standard" results in many of the assessed areas which was impressive for Jedd!”

Jedd’s mother, January 2016
Year 10, English

“Tried Kip McGrath at intermediate age. 1 on 1 far better and with tutors who have recently completed NCEA. Age difference small which for a teenage boy meant good rapport with tutor.”

Jayden’s mother Lisa, January 2016
Year 12, Mathematics

“I would recommend head start to any parent as an added learning tool for their child.”

Josh’s father Russell, January 2016
Year 13, Calculus

“A few years ago we tried Kip McGrath. AHeadStart leaves Kip McGrath for dead.”

Sarah’s mother Linda, January 2016
Year 10, Mathematics

“Sarah started the course late. However, since starting she has a more positive outlook and understanding of the subject maths.

Her test results at school were pleasing and it was great to see achieves, merits and excellence right across the board. Even though maths was only achieved in terms of marks Sarah is now more confident in knowing she will pass NCEA in 2016.”

Sarah’s mother Linda, January 2016
Year 10, Mathematics

“George is still really enjoying Sean's tutorials and he ended up doing super well in maths last year at school gaining an award for excellence in maths for year 7, again we are sure this is mainly thanks to Sean's help.”

George’s mother Justine, January 2016
Year 7, Mathematics

“Josh moved from stats to calc, he had a lot of catching up to do.
The tutoring gave him a better chance at his exams, he seemed more confident about his ability.”

Josh’s father Russell, January 2016
Year 13, Calculus

“We tried Numberworks when the children were younger. I think the total one on one AHeadStart tutoring was better for our Catherine.”

Catherine’s mother Vivienne, January 2014
Year 12, Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics

“I would recommend AHeadStart to anyone - the one-on-one approach really works well and has benefited my teenage children. It is money well spent.”

Lauren’s & Sam’s mother Erin, January 2014
Year 9 & Year 12, Mathematics

“Lauren's tuition prepared her for the MCAT and her end-of-year maths exam. Her major objective was to gain at least a merit pass in the MCAT, so that she could go on to take the 201 maths course in year 12. In her mock exam, she had not reached the standard for a merit. In her final exams, Lauren achieved an EXCELLENCE in the MCAT and Merits in her other 3 papers.”

Lauren’s mother Anita, January 2014
Year 11, Level 1 Mathematics

“We are very happy with Claudia’s lessons and that her test results in class have improved considerably, with her end of year report and conversations with her science teacher supporting her growth in this subject.  Claudia’s confidence has grown heaps! 

Claudia is a quiet student who struggles to ask for help when she needs it, so the one on one lessons have been amazing for her.  Marwah is fantastic and Claudia just loves her, which makes her lessons a delight rather than a chore. 

Thank you for our short time with you last year and we really look forward to 2014 with AHeadStart.”

Claudia’s mother Trish, January 2014
Year 11, Mathematics & Science

“Josh, like many young people, will absorb information in a one on one far more effectively than in a classroom so the tutoring focused and supported him as he started to realize that his results were important to his future. The Tutoring was effective in focusing him and helping him realize "he can do this!".”

Josh’s father Dave, January 2014
Year 13, Level 3 Calculus, Chemistry & Physics

“Leading up to the MCAT exam, Megan was still really confused and school was not offering anything in the way of tutorials. After 2 sessions with AHeadStart Megan felt she had enough understanding to pass the exam, and she actually achieved merit.”

Megan’s mother Donna, January 2014
Year 11, Level 1 Mathematics

“I contacted AHeadStart to get some extra support for my son about a month prior to NCEA exams. He is a capable student but finds some aspects of English difficult. In 4 or 5 sessions he worked alongside Paula and gained valuable knowledge about completing English exam papers. He was very pleased to get English endorsed with excellence and so were his parents!!.”

Isaac’s mother Jenny, January 2014
Year 11, English

“We are extremely grateful to Melanie for all of the help she gave our daughter. We believe she would not have achieved her excellent results without Melanie's great tutoring.”

Skye’s mother Susanne, January 2014
Year 13, Biology & Calculus

“AHeadStart provide friendly, helpful tutors who are well organized and passionate about the subjects they teach. They are quite flexible with times, and the thing that suited us the best is that they come to your home. The tuition they provided for our son was invaluable. Definitely value for money.”

Matthew’s mother Cate, January 2014
Year 11, Geography, Mathematics & Science

“Lucie was struggling with minimal help at school, and would have got achieved at best with chem, but after tutoring got merit.
Lucie had a huge amount of extracurricular responsibility, and missed a lot of class time. Caitlin was very clear on re capping and making sure Lucie was absolutely certain in her answers."

Lucie’s mother Deb, January 2014
Year 13, Chemistry

“We have found the services of AHeadStart to be wonderful, friendly and personalised. Nothing is ever a problem and they are happy to think outside the square to find solutions. We got tuition to expand our son's horizons and to make up some weaknesses his school has, rather than to improve his marks and AHeadStart has done this wonderfully. The fact our son has come away from NCEA level 1 with excellence is an added bonus."

Samuel’s mother Jasmine, January 2014
Year 11, Mathematics & Science

“Samuel came away with excellence in both subjects. He may have achieved this by himself in maths, however I believe your tuition in Science made a big difference. This is one of the weaker faculty’s at Kaiapoi and the extra tuition meant all areas of the syllabus were covered."

Samuel’s mother Jasmine, January 2014
Year 11, Mathematics & Science

“Ruby wanted to achieve a good result in accounting as she was struggling with low achieved or not achieved scores.
In her NCEA Lvl 1 externals she got 2 merits and 1 excellence. Joe was amazing and in 10 weeks she learnt more than a whole year in the class room.

Her maths was always good but needed help with the end of year subject. She achieved Merits and got Maths Lvl 1 endorsed in Merit."

Ruby’s mother Keryn, January 2014
Year 11, Accounting & Mathematics

 “I would highly recommend AHeadStart for students undertaking NCEA. It has been especially helpful for helping our children to understand how NCEA works and to manage and prepare for the external exams."

Holly’s & Bernadette's mother Mary, January 2014
Year 11 & Year 12, Chemistry, Mathematics & Science

“Ben gained confidence in his ability to learn not just the required maths but some more challenging sums and instead of feeling overwhelmed doing any mathematics began to enjoy this subject, the first time in his whole life."

Ben’s mother Nikhola, January 2014
Year 11, Mathematics

"[We found it helpful] that our tutor Michelle, was more than business - she was REALLY interested in our daughter, her experience at school, her progress, how she related to her teachers.
She also taught how to look at the problem from another angle or another way, until you find one that makes sense to you."

Olivia’s mother Allie, January 2014
Year 9, Mathematics

"We found Caitlin excellent as tutor, Rebecca reports that she was very knowledgeable about the material and even lent her a text book for study. Rebecca related well to Caitlin and enjoyed her sessions. We are very grateful for having found your service, as I believe correspondence on its own would have been sadly lacking – I think there is definitely room for some improvement in their resources and methods of instruction, the assigned teacher at the school was pleasant but Rebecca had little contact outside of brief written comments on her work papers."

Rebecca’s mother Noreen, November 2011
Year 12, Level 2 Mathematics

"Rob has gained Uni entrance and also Level 3 too so we are totally thrilled... he is incredibly pleased. He gained 17 credits in biology and still avoided the DNA paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would you thank Adam for me please and let him know...and a huge thank you to you too..."

Rob’s mother Edwina, January 2011
Year 13, Level 3 Biology

"We have enjoyed Caitlin’s help and have been very impressed in how Caitlin managed to turn Ashlea around from failing to finishing within the top 3 of her Year 12 class. We really can’t thank Caitlin and AHeadStart enough."

Ashlea’s father Stephen, June 2011
Year 12, Level 2 Biology & Chemistry

"I think Supun has already let you know his results. He has been awarded Merit endorsement for Chemistry. I am happy with the other subjects as well. Finally he has achieved University entrance for Engineering which I dreamed. This is the path I wanted Supun to show to go ahead and to achieve. Your teaching, your efforts and encouragements was a huge factor Supun to gain this. So thank you very much and much appreciate this."

Supun’s father Rohana, January 2012
Year 13, Level 3 Calculus, Chemistry & Physics

"[We] previously used AHeadStart 1-2 years ago, finding Melanie extremely professional and approachable. The tutor involved was just wonderful and after only one session was able to recognise a key component which our daughter wasn't understanding in physics. She went from getting "not achieved" to "excellent" within a very short time."

Paris’ mother Hilary, January 2013
Year 13, Calculus & Physics

"Michelle's lesson with Meg yesterday went well. Meg said she learnt a lot and though she's aware that she has a long way to go yet with algebra, she felt like she learned things that she has been unable to learn at school (apparently the teacher does not really address questions the pupils have - she just moves on). So it has been a great start."

Meg’s mother Lee, August 2012
Year 11, Level 1 Mathematics

"We have nothing but the highest praise for Hannah. She is an excellent teacher and Monny really likes her very much.

I have to say, I was a bit nervous signing up to have students for tutors. I just wasn't sure they would have the skills/ maturity to manage someone not much younger than them and our previous experience with tutors has been with ex-teachers. I couldn't have been more wrong!!!. We are delighted with both Hannah and John. Monny really likes the fact that they are close to her own age as she feels she can relate to them."

Monica’s mother Karen, October 2012
Year 12, Level 2 Chemistry & Mathematics

"Mathew is enjoying the sessions, claiming he has learnt more in 2 hours with Molly than he has learnt in 2 years with his teacher who he has had for years 10 and 11."

Mathew’s mother Ellie, October 2012
Year 11, Level 1 Mathematics

"A big thank you to Chloe for her support. She has been amazing. Jennifer has only had nice and positive things to say about Chloe the whole year. Jennifer has enjoyed her sessions with Chloe and has found her style of tutoring so beneficial. Jennifer wouldn't be where she is today without her."

Jennifer’s mother Nicola, November 2012
Year 13, Chemistry

"George felt very confident after the exam, and whatever happens he ended up enjoying the subject much more because of his time with Ben.  It was worth every cent and we were very pleased to have met him!"

George’s mother Sonya, November 2012
Year 12, English

"Robyn and I have no doubt that Bevan's help was essential.  I don't think Matthew ever reached "confident" but he did get back on top of the work and felt he did ok in the exams. Cambridge Maths at that level is tough obviously, Matt is smart and his class is full of smart boys, he tells us a significant number have fallen by the wayside blown away by the complexity and workload. We are grateful to Bevan for his patience, good humor and excellent tutoring."

Matt’s mother Robyn, June 2012
Year 11, Level 1 Mathematics

"Hi Chloe just thought I’d let you know Charlotte got 90% in her maths exam - top in the class! Thank you for all your help."

Charlotte’s mother Mel, November 2012
Year 9, English & Mathematics

"Thanks very much for the assistance from James and yourself over the last few months. Michael is feeling much more confidant going into his exams now than he was a few weeks ago. I will have no trouble recommending AHeadStart to anyone needing a little extra help."

Michael’s mother Janette, November 2012
Year 13, Level 3 Calculus & Physics

"Anyway, thanks again. And to Hannah and John, they really were excellent tutors for Monica. Perfect match in both cases. Both very fine young people.

I think one of the advantages I hadn't considered when thinking about whether to go with more traditional 'crusty old schoolteacher' tutors or young uni students was the role model aspect. and I think it’s great for Monny to see young people, only a couple of years older than she is who are doing really well at uni, studying hard, but still very cool.

Needless to say, we are very big fans of yours now and recommend you to everyone. We have our fingers crossed for NCEA, but know that without John and Hannah she was really facing a huge challenge to get through maths and chemistry."

Monica’s mother Karen, December 2012
Year 12, Level 2 Chemistry & Mathematics

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you SO much for all your help and support over the years – you have made an amazing difference to Alex and I know she would have struggled without you. I think it would be lovely to keep in touch – I know Alex will really like that.

Thank you again – for your fabulous help."

Alex’s mother Catherine, December 2012
Year 13, Level 3 Biology, Calculus, Chemistry & Physics

"Georgia really felt that Becky made a big difference. She feels sure that she has passed and hopefully even done better. I certainly appreciated the fact that you could quickly supply a tutor of Becky's calibre. I would recommend A Head Start to others in a similar position to Georgia."

Georgia’s mother Leanne, December 2012
Year 13, Level 3 Chemistry

"Thanks heaps for all the great work you have done with Bryony over the last 3 years. She has really enjoyed working with you, and you can certainly take credit for her results so far. I think you have a great way of relating to her, and getting the best from her in a non-threatening way. I wish you well for the future."

Bryony’s mother Paula, December 2012
Year 13, Level 3 Chemistry, Physics & Statistics

“You provided fantastic tutoring for my daughters Holly, from St Andrews College, and Sorren, who was working hard to improve her SAT maths score for admission to a USA university scholarship (incidentally she is in her 3rd year now!).”

Holly’s & Sorren’s mother Erica, October 2015

"We would just like to let you know that things went really well with Hannah’s first visit today. Lucy was really chuffed about how much she had learned and Hannah is a lovely girl and obviously very patient!

We are feeling very confident that this is the beginning of a huge improvement in Lucy’s understanding of maths and we are lucky to have someone like Hannah to help her."

Lucy’s mother Sarah, July 2012
Year 5, Mathematics

"I hope Bevan passed message on that Matt made a huge improvement in Cambridge maths mid yr exam. 68%! He’s feeling good about it!"

Matt’s mother Robyn, June 2012
Year 11, Level 1 Mathematics

"Yea Sophie loved it. By the way, Maths is by far and away the toughest thing for Sophie. Prior to her tutoring Sophie's last exam resulted in an achieved. The good news is since getting Kelly's help, Sophie just received four excellence credits on her latest maths test. Please accept our heartfelt thanks to you and Kelly."

Sophie’s father Simon, June 2012
Year 12, Level 2 Mathematics

"Thank you for report, it is very encouraging.

I have also been very encouraged over the last few weeks with the shift in attitude that Grace has towards her maths, and this has to be attributed to Becky & her wonderful tutoring.

Grace has said on numerous occasions how fantastic Becky is and how much fun the tutoring sessions are. This change in her mind set must bode well for things continuing to improve.

Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to Becky – what would we have done without her?!!!"

Grace’s mother Jackie, June 2012
Year 11, Level 1 Mathematics & Science

"Thanks so much for the progress report. I am thrilled with the progress Harry has made in this area. He seems much more confident when doing his English homework. He also can now see the benefits from this extra tuition with his results at school."

Harry’s mother Jane, May 2012
Year 11, Level 1 English

"Just thought I would let you and Daniel know, Daniel passed NCEA he got a total of 124 credits out of 124.

He was flunking Algebra at the beginning of the year, Daniel helped him in Algebra and Daniel got a Merit in NCEA!

Some of the sciences Daniel was weak in and he passed all of them with some Merits. The most important Physics with merit which is the science he is doing next year.

As I said the tutoring he had with Daniel made a huge difference and encouraged our Daniel to try and do better."

Daniel’s mother Kerrie, January 2012
Year 11, Level 1 Mathematics & Science

"Holly got science endorsed with Merit in her NCEA external exams. She also got accounting and phys ed endorsed with Merit.

She passed maths with achieved in the externals which she is happy about. She is also happy she passed as she thought she had failed."

Holly’s mother Mary, January 2013
Year 11, Mathematics & Science

"Hi Melanie – Just to let u know Caitlin passed NCEA Level 2 with merit endorsement. 2 merits in bio and merit endorsed in bio, chem merit and two achieved, 2 merits in English & 1 achieved. We r rapt! Thanks 2 u & Kelly. We will b back this year for more support."

Caitlin’s mother Karen, January 2013
Year 12, Biology & Chemistry

“Hi Melanie just wanted to let u know Holly did well at NCEA thanks to you. Acids bases excellence, genetics merit, mechanics achieved. Thanks for all your help, we will be in touch re your as needed this year."

Holly’s mother Erica, January 2013
Year 11, Science

"Thanks for organising help for Tess she passed level one with excellence. She got over 90 excellence credits the rest being merit. Best wishes."

Tessa’s mother Kirsty, January 2013
Year 11, Mathematics & Science

"Hey Melanie :) thanks for your text earlier! Kealan really enjoyed his tutorial with Ryan…I think they are a good match! I thought that Ryan had a nice approachable manner about him & Kealan was very relaxed & open with him :) So all in all…a great start! Kealan is very amped about the whole thing…so I’m stoked!! Thanks Melanie :)."

Kealan’s mother Donna, May 2013
Year 8, Mathematics


Tutorials are available for primary, secondary and adult students


Your child may require help to catch up in reading, writing or maths, gain confidence and build a strong foundation.

Or they may want extension in their favourite subject, or one not covered much at primary school, such as science or coding.

Whatever your child's goals, our primary school tutors will guide your child through every tutorial through regular assessment and lots of encouragement!

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Secondary school can be a stressful time for students, especially with regular NCEA assessments throughout the year. Fitting study in around sports and other extracurricular activities can also be challenging.

Whether a student wants to gain enough credits to pass the year, or is aiming for a Merit or Excellence endorsement, our tutors can assist to make that goal a reality. And of course we can also help with Cambridge and International Baccalaureate.

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As an adult student it can often be difficult getting back into study, as it may have been years since you opened a text book. You may also be tacking an unfamiliar subject such as mathematics or science.

On top of this you may be studying part time or extramurally, so it may a challenge to fit study around your daily life.Our tutors can help you streamline the learning process, so you can get through your studies with confidence!

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Our tutors can assist students with many subjects in each tutorial

  1. AHeadStart can assist students with 30 different subjects - Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science and Accounting tutoring, are just a small selection.
  2. Most AHeadStart tutors have strengths in multiple NCEA, Cambridge and International Baccalaureate® (IB) subjects, even including subjects as diverse as English, Mathematics & Science!
  3. Flexibility of tutorial structure means students can choose which subjects the cover in a lesson. This means tutors can prepare students as best as possible before each school assessment.
  4. Students benefit by having one tutor to cover several subjects and make the most out of every tutorial.




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Primary, Secondary & Adult Tuition


Primary, Secondary & Adult Tuition


Primary, Secondary & Adult Tuition





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Students choose their own tutor from a selection to match their specific needs

  1. Our team of Christchurch tutors are high achievers, excellent communicators and passionate about sharing their knowledge.
  2. Every tutor has personal experience of NCEA, Cambridge or IB at secondary school, and know what it takes to achieve success. Many tutors were Dux or Proxime Accessit, or involved in leadership positions such as Head Boy or Head Girl.
  3. Our tutors are selected via a very thorough interview process. All tutors are screened by the NZ Police prior to being placed with students.



Students select a tuition plan to match their goals and level of motivation



For students who lack motivation and need guidance with their studies. Includes weekly homework and progress reports every 5 tutorials.

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For self-motivated students who take charge of their own learning and have questions about their school work.

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For self-motivated students wanting personalised tuition in pairs.

Students need to have a sibling or friend they would like to have tuition with before choosing this plan.

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For self-motivated students who would like tuition in a small group.

Students need to have two siblings or friends they would like to have tuition with before choosing this plan.

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Students choose how often they would like to see their tutor to match their needs


  • Students have a regular weekly tutorial (or more) during the school terms.
  • Suits students who want consistent help throughout the year to stay on top of their schoolwork.



  • Students schedule tutorials as required, with no ongoing commitment.
  • Suits students who need help for a short period to catch up on missed work or assistance before assessments.




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Home tuition is available in Christchurch for those with busy schedules and offers a familiar, safe environment for the student to learn.