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Why Science Tuition with AHeadStart?


  • Personalised Science tutoring in Christchurch - one-on-one or in small groups
  • Science tuition for all levels -  primary (Years 5-8), secondary (Year 9, Year 10, NCEA, Cambridge & IB) and adult students
  • Expert Science tutors - high achieving, excellent communicators with a passion for learning
  • Choice of Science tuition plans - select your desired level of guidance, including progress reports
  • Convenient Christchurch locations - private home tutoring or at a convenient local library

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About Science

The study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through experiment and observation.




Science is a endeavour that accumulates and systematically arranges knowledge in the form of testable hypotheses and predictions about anything in the universe. Philosphy was a precursor to Science, with "natural philosophy" being a study of physics, medicine and astronomy. By the 17th and 18th centuries, scientists wished to formulate knowledge to understand how nature works. As a result, science became associated with the systematic approach that scientists use to study phenomena - the "scientific method".

Modern science is typically divided into the distinct, but overlapping, studies of nature known as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Science can also include the social sciences, such as psychology, sociology, and economics. and the formal sciences, including mathematics, logic, and theoretical computer science.

Science requires research to gain new knowledge, so is organized by academic and research institutions, as well as government agencies and companies. Scientific research has led to the formation of scientific policies that support health care, environmental protection and the development of particular commercial products. Information from Science can also be used to shape other government polcicies, such as the evidence that methamphetamine caontaminated homes are actually not hazardous to human health, which meant tenants of social housing were no longer displaced from their homes.

The Science taught at secondary school in Year 11 is a general course that covers aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Phsyics and provide a foundation in these subjects in later years.

Disciplines that use Science, such as engineering and medicine, are described as applied sciences. These are just a few of the myriad of career options available to a student who takes a broad range of science-based subjects at secondary school.


Primary & Adult Science

Science is a way of investigating, understanding, and explaining our natural, physical world and the wider universe. Science is able to inform problem solving and decision making in many areas of life. 

Little over a quarter of primary schools have effective science programmes for Years 5 to 8. At AHeadStart we believe that Science  is fun and informative! Science education can begin at any age, but certainly should be introduced while students are at primary level. 

At AHeadStart, our tutors will help you or your child to learn about many areas of Science, to provide a broad knowledge base.

Our primary and intermediate school students, as well as adults, develop an understanding of important apects of Science:

  • Nature of Science - what Science is and how scientists work
  • Living World - about living things
  • Planet Earth & Beyond - about the Earth and solar system
  • Physical World - physical phenomena, including the basics of light, electricity and force
  • Material World - matter and energy



NCEA Science

Level 1
Level 1 Science is a general course which covers the foundational aspects of the three major sciences - Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Most students will learn the content to sit the external exams in the three papers that cover these three disciplines. Students usually also undertake a practical investigation in Chemistry to help build their investigation skills. There are also other internal assessments during the year which are quite variable between schools and classes, depending on preferences of the teacher, or what suits the students' strengths. This course is ideal for students who want to continue Science in Level 2 and 3, but keep their subejct options open.

Science with AHeadStart

"Eva got excellence for all her internals in science this year and also did well in her prelims. This means that she qualifies for a science award at prize giving. Even though she has always had a good understanding of science, the tutoring has really helped her write her answers in the way they want."

Eva’s mother Frances
Year 11, Science


Science Resources


All of the following book resources can be purchased at leading bookshops or the following websites:

ESA Publications Store:

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