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Hi, my name is Kira and I am primary school tutor, as well as a secondary school tutor of Maths, Physics, and Chemistry tutor at AHeadStart this year. I have completed a BSc majoring in Chemistry and Computer Science at the University of Canterbury. I have also recently completed a Master of Policy and Governance focussing on science policy. I graduated with an IB diploma with an endorsement in Physics in 2013, after achieving Excellence in Level 1 NCEA. Outside of work and university, my interests include ice skating, video games, baking, and music.

I discovered a passion for teaching through tutoring at school, and hope to continue helping people understand maths and science. I aim to engage students in a way that works for them in order to make learning an enjoyable experience. My philosophy around teaching is that while exam techniques and practice are important, teaching first principles and an understanding of the material leads to a confidence that has good exam results as a side effect. The ability to work out a solution is a more important skill than memorising an answer, especially with the way exams are now structured. Gaining and practising this flexibility through a thorough understanding of the concepts and material will be the main focus of tutorials. I have recent experience with both teaching and learning the NCEA and IB curriculums, and I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

I am based in Wellington and available for online tutorials.

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