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AHeadStart Success Stories

How tutoring has empowered students on their path to success.


AHeadStart has been tutoring Christchurch students since July 2009. Casual_Woman_79.jpg

So many of our students have gone on to achieve success after secondary school and we are just beginning to collate their stories.

Please read about our past students below, and expect to see this grow with time as we hear back from more and more of them.



Meet Amuri! She is one of our past students and had tuition thoughout Year 12 & 13 for Mathematics, Statistics & Biology. Amuri also was a Geography tutor with AHeadStart for a couple of years while she was studying at UC.

Amuri has gone on to complete not just one degree, but two! She's graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and a BSc majoring inGeography at the University of Canterbury.

Even more amazingly, she has recently pasased the bar exam to be come an official barristor and solicitor of the High Court. Well done Amuri!!




Kieran Graduation.jpg

Meet Kieran! He is one of our past students and had tuition thoughout Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 for Maths, Science, Calculus, Chemistry and Physics.

Kieran just said that "I have you to thank for getting me through high school. Not sure I was going to on my own."

What's most impressive is that Kieran has gone on to complete not just one degree, but three! He's graduated with a BSc (Geology major, Geography minor), also a PGDipSci in Geology with Credit, as well as an MSc in Geology with Distinction!

We couldn't be prouder of you Kieran!!






Meet Ashleigh! She's one of our past students and had tuition for Chemistry in Year 12 and 13 with her friend Cassie.

Ashleigh just said that we "were a lifesaver throughout high school".

Ashleigh has recently graduated with a Bachelors in Physical Education, majoring in sport and exercise science. She's now planning on going back to university next year to study Physiotherapy!

Well done Ashleigh! You're awesome!





Taylor post.png

Meet Taylor! She's is one of our past students and had tutoring in Year 12 and 13 for Biology, as she wanted to become a nurse.

Taylor has now completed her Bachelor of Nuring at the University of Auckland and is now nursing!

Well done Taylor!





Meet Joe! He's one of our past students and had tutoring in Year 13 for Calculus & Physics.

His aim at the time was to understand these subjects so he could become a pilot!

Look at where Joe is now - he's achieved his goal and is a scenic pilot!

Congratulations Joe!