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Tutor Study TIPS

Our tutors teach you the secrets to their study success!


Casual_Woman_79.jpgOur tutors in the social media team have put together their own study guide each - to teach you how they have learnt to study effectively while at school and university.

Please read their study guides below, and think about how you might use their tips to imrpove your own study - and maximise your grades!

Jessica's Study Guide

Jess _ tutor profile A copy.jpg

Jess Studies:
Calculus, Chemistry,Maths, Physics, Science & Statistics

Preferred Learning Styles:
Logical & Social

In Class:
Jess collects all information presented in class, such as teacher’s input, slides, relevant textbook information, and worked examples. She’s also not afraid to ask questions in case there’s something she’s unsure of!

At Home:
In preparation for tests, Jess looks over and brings together notes she’s taken from class. She does this by repeatedly re-organising and summarising all of her notes into a more accessible and condensed form. This helps Jess to link ideas and develop an in-depth understand across the whole subject. Re-organising and summarising information helps her get the fundamentals of what she’s studying. Jess also attempts example problems to keep herself on track with a correct and relevant understanding of the content. 

Before Tests:
When exam time comes, Jess has everything she needs presented simply and tidily, in a way relevant to her style of thinking. She doesn’t need to go over class notes, or re-learn anything! Her own work provides Jess a great resource to study from. Another way she gets ready is by working through past exam papers in exam conditions. This gives Jess confidence for her exams and makes sure she’s got all the right ideas!

Key Points:

  • Make sure you get all the information!
  • Simplify and organise your notes to make them easier to understand.
  • Prepare for exams by looking over your own work, and doing practice exam questions.