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Student Feedback

What students have to say about tutoring from AHeadStart.


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“Hey they went really well thanks. I got merit in all my papers and one E in the reactivity chem paper. So overall I got merit endorsed in Chemistry, Physics, Calculus and English. Definitely improved because of tutoring. Thank you so much :)”

Thea to Marwah, January 2017
Year 12,
Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics

“Hey Marwah, I got my NCEA results back and thought you might like to know that I got achieved on life processes at the cellular level, as well as genetic variation and a merit on gene expression! Thank you for your help!!”

Annelise, January 2017
Year 12, Biology

“Hi Melanie thank you for your tutoring last year, I just wanted you to know that I got excellence in bio! Thank you for helping me get there :)”

Rachel, January 2017
Year 13, Biology

“Hi Mel, just got my results. I got merit for two papers which I was really surprised about and achieved for human evolution! Honestly thought bio would be the subject that wouldn't let me get UE. But thank you so so much for your support this year and last year it has helped (obviously) very very very much!”

Isabel, January 2017
Year 13, Biology

“I want to thank you for the tutoring Ben has received. I appreciate that Ben hasn’t been the easiest student to teach, but I have been very happy with the tutoring he received

Kind regards, Lisa”

Ben’s mother Lisa, October 2016
Year 12 Chemistry

“Just finished [the Chemistry exam]. Feeling pretty confident. Was able to answer all the questions well. Evens “solids” ones. Couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you very much. Nick.”

Nick, November 2016
Year 12, Chemistry

“Hi Melanie,

I thought that it was very easy to get along with Lauren, we started doing a bit with essay structure and it was easy to understand because she would go over each step specifically. I think she knows what I want to learn out of these tutor lessons and how she can help me using different methods and small steps to get through it. She seems very knowledgeable so I think it will be good for me to learn of her.

Kind Regards, Alida.”

Alida, August 2016
Year 11, English

“Hi Melanie,

Ryan got his student pack, which we looked through together when he got home and I saw the letter then.

Ryan enjoyed his first lesson with Hayden. He wanted to talk about and discuss the things Hayden had taught him! Ryan said he likes Hayden’s teaching method.

Hayden speaking clearly and talking directly to him made it easier for Ryan to understand. Ryan talked about his teachers at school and he said one of his teachers talks quietly and mumbles a lot which makes it difficult for children in the class to understand him.

I think Hayden will help with Ryan’s confidence to ask more questions at school.

So I must say, it has been a very positive start and Ryan is looking forward to his next lesson.

Thanking you, Kerrie”

Ryan’s mother Kerrie, August 2016
Year 11, Mathematics & Science

“WOOOPPP I got excellence for Bio!!! :O

Woooppp, thank-you for your help!


Anna, June 2016
Year 13, Biology

“Hi Melanie

Harry said the tutorial with Hayden was really really good. He said Hayden is was clear and kept moving (didn't waste time on stuff Harry knew) but made sure he understood before moving on.

Thanks so much Melanie - I felt the stress draining away after Harry told me the above about Hayden. It makes such a huge difference when I can be confident Harry has such great help to pass his exams. I am so impressed with how you run AHeadStart, so organised and on to it. I hope you are getting lots of students - I certainly have told quite a few people now.

Thanks and kind regards


Harry’s mother Judith, May 2016
Year 12, Chemistry & Physics

“Hi Mel I just got my result for the Homeostasis internal and I got Excellence! Thank you for all the help, hope you have great holidays!

Isabel, April 2016
Year 13, Biology


“AHeadStart tuition is beneficial to both the student and the parents. Regular focused tuition throughout the year enabled my dyslexic son to approach is NCEA level 3 exams in a calm, confident and organised manner. The one on one verbal tuition suits my son far better than revising by reading. I felt comfortable that George was receiving the best learning support we could provide him with. With the help of AHeadStart tutor, Jackson, our son has passed NCEA level 3 with Excellence. Thanks!”

George’s mother Judith, January 2016
Year 13, Biology & Chemistry

“The tutoring is excellent and the regular communication from AHeadStart to check up and make sure it is going well is very good.”

Alex, January 2016
Year 13, Calculus

“I learnt techniques on how to approach complex calculus questions, exam tips but mostly I learnt the methods required for answering questions. Calculus went from being the subject I struggled the most in compared to others and only getting achieved in the internal to me receiving the award for the top Calculus student in my class, getting all prelim exams at merit and passing all of my external papers.”

Alex, January 2016
Year 13, Calculus