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Student Feedback

What students have to say about tutoring from AHeadStart.


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“Hey they went really well thanks. I got merit in all my papers and one E in the reactivity chem paper. So overall I got merit endorsed in Chemistry, Physics, Calculus and English. Definitely improved because of tutoring. Thank you so much :)”

Thea to Marwah, January 2017
Year 12,
Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics

“Hey Marwah, I got my NCEA results back and thought you might like to know that I got achieved on life processes at the cellular level, as well as genetic variation and a merit on gene expression! Thank you for your help!!”

Annelise, January 2017
Year 12, Biology

“Hi Melanie thank you for your tutoring last year, I just wanted you to know that I got excellence in bio! Thank you for helping me get there :)”

Rachel, January 2017
Year 13, Biology

“Hi Mel, just got my results. I got merit for two papers which I was really surprised about and achieved for human evolution! Honestly thought bio would be the subject that wouldn't let me get UE. But thank you so so much for your support this year and last year it has helped (obviously) very very very much!”

Isabel, January 2017
Year 13, Biology

“I want to thank you for the tutoring Ben has received. I appreciate that Ben hasn’t been the easiest student to teach, but I have been very happy with the tutoring he received

Kind regards, Lisa”

Ben’s mother Lisa, October 2016
Year 12 Chemistry

“Just finished [the Chemistry exam]. Feeling pretty confident. Was able to answer all the questions well. Evens “solids” ones. Couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you very much. Nick.”

Nick, November 2016
Year 12, Chemistry

“Hi Melanie,

I thought that it was very easy to get along with Lauren, we started doing a bit with essay structure and it was easy to understand because she would go over each step specifically. I think she knows what I want to learn out of these tutor lessons and how she can help me using different methods and small steps to get through it. She seems very knowledgeable so I think it will be good for me to learn of her.

Kind Regards, Alida.”

Alida, August 2016
Year 11, English

“Hi Melanie,

Ryan got his student pack, which we looked through together when he got home and I saw the letter then.

Ryan enjoyed his first lesson with Hayden. He wanted to talk about and discuss the things Hayden had taught him! Ryan said he likes Hayden’s teaching method.

Hayden speaking clearly and talking directly to him made it easier for Ryan to understand. Ryan talked about his teachers at school and he said one of his teachers talks quietly and mumbles a lot which makes it difficult for children in the class to understand him.

I think Hayden will help with Ryan’s confidence to ask more questions at school.

So I must say, it has been a very positive start and Ryan is looking forward to his next lesson.

Thanking you, Kerrie”

Ryan’s mother Kerrie, August 2016
Year 11, Mathematics & Science

“WOOOPPP I got excellence for Bio!!! :O

Woooppp, thank-you for your help!


Anna, June 2016
Year 13, Biology

“Hi Melanie

Harry said the tutorial with Hayden was really really good. He said Hayden is was clear and kept moving (didn't waste time on stuff Harry knew) but made sure he understood before moving on.

Thanks so much Melanie - I felt the stress draining away after Harry told me the above about Hayden. It makes such a huge difference when I can be confident Harry has such great help to pass his exams. I am so impressed with how you run AHeadStart, so organised and on to it. I hope you are getting lots of students - I certainly have told quite a few people now.

Thanks and kind regards


Harry’s mother Judith, May 2016
Year 12, Chemistry & Physics

“Hi Mel I just got my result for the Homeostasis internal and I got Excellence! Thank you for all the help, hope you have great holidays!

Isabel, April 2016
Year 13, Biology


“AHeadStart tuition is beneficial to both the student and the parents. Regular focused tuition throughout the year enabled my dyslexic son to approach is NCEA level 3 exams in a calm, confident and organised manner. The one on one verbal tuition suits my son far better than revising by reading. I felt comfortable that George was receiving the best learning support we could provide him with. With the help of AHeadStart tutor, Jackson, our son has passed NCEA level 3 with Excellence. Thanks!”

George’s mother Judith, January 2016
Year 13, Biology & Chemistry

“The tutoring is excellent and the regular communication from AHeadStart to check up and make sure it is going well is very good.”

Alex, January 2016
Year 13, Calculus

“I learnt techniques on how to approach complex calculus questions, exam tips but mostly I learnt the methods required for answering questions. Calculus went from being the subject I struggled the most in compared to others and only getting achieved in the internal to me receiving the award for the top Calculus student in my class, getting all prelim exams at merit and passing all of my external papers.”

Alex, January 2016
Year 13, Calculus

“I just want to personally say thank you for everything. I have now finished school and heading to my three year course this February. Not only did AHeadStart help me achieve in the subjects I was struggling in it helped me achieve great results in Level 1 and Level 2. I will never forget your service or what your tutors did for me and if I ever hear of anyone looking for a tutor I will highly recommend your service as I believe it is the best service ever!! Thank you!”

Mikayla, January 2016
Year 12, English & Mathematics

“For both Level 1 and Level 2 I received for English in both years Merit Endorsements which I am thrilled about and it is all thanks to AHeadStart and their amazing tutoring service as I know there is no way I could of achieved what I wanted to achieve without their help, encouragement and skills to learn what was expected of me. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of tutoring, they truly help you succeed in the topics you need help with.”

Mikayla, January 2016
Year 12, English & Mathematics

“I couldn't speak more highly of AHeadStart and my tutors, they were so friendly, so helpful and they both truly wanted me to succeed in English and Mathematics by continually giving me every opportunity to improve and prepare. Even in English when I first started tutoring in Level 1 - I went from getting 'achieved' in internals to suddenly getting 'Excellences' for the rest of the year and for Level 2 I received all Excellences for all of my internals and passed all of my exams.”

Mikayla, January 2016
Year 12, English & Mathematics

“Tuition with AHeadStart helped me in so many ways especially in the areas I knew I needed help in. Coming from being home schooled to doing NCEA Level 1 and Level 2 was a whole new experience for me. I had never sat major exams before or any internals. When I started I discovered I was quite behind so we started to look into tutoring lessons. Not only did Melanie help us through every stage, she allowed me to choose tutors that I felt comfortable with. My first year of tutoring was amazing, the tutors were so helpful and gave me the skills I needed for English and Mathematics (internals and externals).”

Mikayla, January 2016
Year 12, English & Mathematics

“Hello Melanie,

Thank you for your email and for the great tutorials you provide. I have improved a lot in the sciences because the extra help I received over the years. I had very excellent tutors, it was worth the price and I am happy I found AHeadStart.

Once again thank you!”

Ariam, January 2016
Year 13, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics

“To our favourite person…
We’ve really appreciated the last few years, couldn’t have done it without you! Tutorials were always a laugh and we’re going to miss you heaps! Whenever we come back to Chch we hope to see you in that little car zooming around. Love from Ashleigh and Cassie”

Ashleigh & Cassie, November 2014
Year 13, Chemistry

“Anna was brilliant and knew A LOT about physics. As she knows the NCEA system, she was able to help me plan out how I would answer a question and where to start, something I find particularly difficult in physics.
Something I find annoying at school is that in physics they don't tell you why a theory is the case, we are just expected to remember. Anna was able to explain why more than my teacher.”

Emma, January 2016
Year 13, Physics

“My aim was to better my external scores and pass all of the papers in physics. Tutoring meant that I did a lot better in my externals than I thought I would- I thought I wouldn't pass any of them, but I passed all of them and got a merit in mechanics (the one I found hardest). It helped me recall information quicker and better in my exam and by having a tutor who knew the system I was able to learn little tricks to make questions easier to answer.”

Emma, January 2016
Year 13, Physics

“I would highly recommend AHeadStart to anyone because the tutors have experienced the NCEA system and know it better than other tutoring places I have been to.”

Emma, January 2016
Year 13, Physics

“I used to go to NumberWorks, I found that they weren't age appropriate- so many games, and the tutors didn't always know the answer or explain well. AHeadStart is much better; is age appropriate, and Anna could always explain the answer. Also I liked how AHeadStart came to my house because other people like at number works are loud and distracting.”

Emma, January 2016
Year 13, Physics

“Great tutoring service! Very easy to organise lessons with your tutor! I couldn't recommend more!
Thanks for all your help this year Anna!”

Ellie, January 2016
Year 12, Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics

“Hello. Just an update on my external results. I’ve passed both the algebra and graphs test!!!!! Super happy and can’t thank you enough for helping me. Wishing you all the best, regards Priya :)”

Priya, January 2016
Year 11, Mathematics

“Hi Melanie. Just to let you know I got merit in both concepts and distributions. Thanks again for all your help.”

Matthew, January 2016
Year 13, Statistics

“AHeadStart is a fantastic tutoring company! With tutors who help each individual students and cater to their specific needs, and with the flexibility of being able to come to your own home. AHeadStart is definitely a tutoring company I would recommend.”

Matthew, January 2016
Year 12, Chemistry

“I gained a lot of knowledge about chemistry, my grades were achieved at the start of the year and i ended up receiving excellence in all my internals. If it wasn't for AHeadStart I most likely would have barely passed level 2 chemistry.”

Matthew, January 2016
Year 12, Chemistry

“The tuition helped me to further understand what I didn't comprehend in the classroom. It helped me to further my education in an environment focused solely on helping me achieve the best results possible.”

Matthew, January 2016
Year 12, Chemistry

“[Tuition] allowed me to learn the different external topics again in my own pace and go through and focus on the concepts that needed more work which could not have be done in a classroom environment.
Melanie was able to clearly explain chemistry concepts so that it was easy to understand which meant that I was able to apply the newly learnt knowledge and concepts in the external.”

Amanda, January 2016
Year 13, Chemistry

“I have achieved a Distinction in ICAS and a Year Seven maths award.
I have learnt many new strategies to help me in maths and I think that this is how I have achieved these awards.”

George, January 2016
Year 7, Mathematics

“We are very happy with Claudia’s lessons and that her test results in class have improved considerably, with her end of year report and conversations with her science teacher supporting her growth in this subject.  Claudia’s confidence has grown heaps! 

Claudia is a quiet student who struggles to ask for help when she needs it, so the one on one lessons have been amazing for her.  Marwah is fantastic and Claudia just loves her, which makes her lessons a delight rather than a chore. 

Thank you for our short time with you last year and we really look forward to 2014 with AHeadStart.”

Claudia’s mother Trish, January 2014
Year 11, Mathematics & Science

“I contacted AHeadStart to get some extra support for my son about a month prior to NCEA exams. He is a capable student but finds some aspects of English difficult. In 4 or 5 sessions he worked alongside Paula and gained valuable knowledge about completing English exam papers. He was very pleased to get English endorsed with excellence and so were his parents!!.”

Isaac’s mother Jenny, January 2014
Year 11, English

 “I would highly recommend AHeadStart for students undertaking NCEA. It has been especially helpful for helping our children to understand how NCEA works and to manage and prepare for the external exams."

Holly’s & Bernadette's mother Mary, January 2014
Year 11 & Year 12, Chemistry, Mathematics & Science

“I've been a student of AHeadStart for the past 4 years. During this time, I have seen a great improvement in my grades as well as my fundamental knowledge in the subjects that I studied. I would definitely recommend AHeadStart as a tuition option, as the tutors are great and there are many resources and workshops available to students.”

Ellen, January 2014
Year 13, Level 3 Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics

“I think that without the tuition I received, I wouldn't have been able to get the grades that I did. For example, through tuition, I learned how to write NCEA answers in a concise way. This helped me to save time on the exam and gave me extra time at the end to re-check all of my answers.”

Ellen, January 2014
Year 13, Level 3 Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics

“Through tuition, I learned study techniques that worked for me. Before tuition, I was struggling with my studies (maths in particular) but after I started receiving tuition, merit and excellence grades became regular occurrences!”

Ellen, January 2014
Year 13, Level 3 Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics

“Tutoring from AHeadStart is well worth it! I only went for 7 sessions but I gained lots of knowledge and confidence and achieved my goal of passing the MCAT with excellence.”

Lauren, January 2014
Year 11, Level 1 Mathematics

“I wanted to ensure that I would pass the MCAT with at least a Merit, and I passed with excellence! Max explained things better than my teacher at school- in a different way, which helped me, and having 1-1 help was great for me.

Without the tutoring from Max, I don't think I would have achieved as well as I did.”

Lauren, January 2014
Year 11, Level 1 Mathematics

“AHeadStart has been incredibly helpful and I definitely would have struggled in exams without the tuitions. AHeadStart overall is better that any of the other tutors I have attended in terms of learning and memorising, approach, time and location. I would recommend AHeadStart to my friends.”

Richard, January 2014
Year 12, Level 2 Biology, Chemistry & Physics

“The tutor was able to help me directly in certain areas of a subject that I struggled with, e.g. certain questions, which allowed me to learn what I needed to rather than go over the same things over and over again. The books with the past NCEA papers were extremely helpful and convenient and they played a good role in this. I find most other tutors, even private, are not very good compared to the tutoring I've had here.”

Richard, January 2014
Year 12, Level 2 Biology, Chemistry & Physics

“The most helpful thing about tutoring is I learnt different techniques that I wasn't taught in school and that helped me to remember how to do something. Before I used AHeadStart I was failing all my tests, but this year my results have changed so much and I ended up passing NCEA with 104 credits.”

Nicole, January 2014
Year 12, Level 2 Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics

“The most helpful thing about tutoring is when I don't get something my tutor will explain it in another way until I understand it. It is also useful to be able to ask as many questions as you want to.

In chemistry I found it really useful to be able to have someone explain directly a concept I didn't understand in class. I enjoyed eventually feeling confident with chemistry!”

Laura, January 2014
Year 12, Level 2 Chemistry & Mathematics

"Thank you :) you’re an amazing tutor thanks so much."

Haley, November 2011
Year 13, Level 3 Biology & Statistics

"To Mel, Thank you so much for all your wonderful help. Best tutor ever! :D"

Jessie, November 2011
Year 12, Level 2 Mathematics & Physics

"I thought I would just flick you a short one to tell you that the lessons are great and going really well & Gemma is a fantastic tutor! Very patient and thorough, making sure I understand every step we go through. Thanks Briar (:"

Briar, May 2011
Year 12, Level 2 Mathematics & Physics

"I wanted 2 say thank you because all of my results were good and I’m extremely grateful for all the help the tutors gave me XD."

Soliana, January 2012
Year 12, Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics

"Daniel was great yesterday, I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. He went out of his way to make sure I understood things and I thought his style of tutoring was really suited to me and my learning style. Thank you for all your help."

Kitty, March 2012
Year 13, Chemistry & Physics

"We have nothing but the highest praise for Hannah. She is an excellent teacher and Monny really likes her very much.

I have to say, I was a bit nervous signing up to have students for tutors. I just wasn't sure they would have the skills/ maturity to manage someone not much younger than them and our previous experience with tutors has been with ex-teachers. I couldn't have been more wrong!!!. We are delighted with both Hannah and John. Monny really likes the fact that they are close to her own age as she feels she can relate to them."

Monica’s mother Karen, October 2012
Year 12, Level 2 Chemistry & Mathematics

"Anyway, thanks again. And to Hannah and John, they really were excellent tutors for Monica. Perfect match in both cases. Both very fine young people.

I think one of the advantages I hadn't considered when thinking about whether to go with more traditional 'crusty old schoolteacher' tutors or young uni students was the role model aspect. and I think it’s great for Monny to see young people, only a couple of years older than she is who are doing really well at uni, studying hard, but still very cool.

Needless to say, we are very big fans of yours now and recommend you to everyone. We have our fingers crossed for NCEA, but know that without John and Hannah she was really facing a huge challenge to get through maths and chemistry."

Monica’s mother Karen, December 2012
Year 12, Level 2 Chemistry & Mathematics

"Hey Melanie I got excellence in level three with 63 e credits. Thanks for everything. Stats was really good with all e’s apart from confidence intervals but I am stoked. For everything else I got endorsed with merit. Overall it’s excellence though. Yay :)"

Shalini, January 2012
Year 13, Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Statistics

"Hey Melanie thanks for a great year I passed with merit overall! And I got two merits and one achieved in bio. Thanks heaps!"

Matt, January 2012
Year 12, Biology

"Hey Mel, just thought I’d tell you I ended up getting a merit in human evolution and achieved in gene expression and patterns of evolution :) thank you so much for all last year’s help. Hope you have a great year!"

Sarah, January 2012
Year 13, Biology

“Hi Chloe, it’s Olivia just wanted to let you know that I passed both of my externals for chemistry that we worked on :) and passed NCEA and got my UE :)”

Olivia, January 2013
Year 12, Chemistry

“Hi Melanie. Thank you for your amazing tutoring. I appreciated hugely.”

Laura, November 2014
Year 13, Statistics

“I had my Chemistry exam yesterday and my Statistics exam today. I was surprised that I wasn't worried about the chem one, but I was a bit for the stats one. They both went better than expected. I was especially proud of my knowledge of aqueous solutions, and even helped some people out before the exam. I wanted to thank you because I have improved not only in my knowledge but in my study habits!”

Alex, November 2013
Year 13, Chemistry & Statistics

“We have been very happy with how it all went. Sarah was very patient and related really well with Nicole. She went into NCEA exams quite confident which is something I didn't think I would see. Previous to the meeting Sarah she would stress out at thoughts of any test.

She has managed over 80 credits already without even relying on credits from her external exams and is really proud of herself. I know Sarah thought there was always so much to get through in a session and felt rushed but she did a great job and we really appreciated her help.

I have recommended your business to a couple of friends with students heading into exams next year and will be in contact."

Nicole’s mother Alison, November 2013
Year 11 English, Mathematics & Science

"Hi Melanie. I got excellence in NCEA! I also got e in mechanics and biology and e endorsement in maths. I’m so happy! Thank you so much for the help you gave me this year."

Ellen, January 2012
Year 11, Mathematics & Science

“All great feedback!! It was very helpful, he helped me to understand a concept that has been almost completely out of reach for about 2 and a half years. Will definitely be helpful, Many thanks.”

Alice, May 2014
Year 13, IB Physics

“Hi Melanie, tutorials have been going really well this term! I’ve found tutoring has been helping lots and Robert definitely knows what he’s talking about and can answer every question I have for him.”

Ruby, July 2014
Year 12, Biology & Mathematics

“Hey we just got our statistics results back and I got excellence!!!!! Yahhhhhh!!! Thank you so much for helping me with it :)”

Nila, July 2014
Year 13, Statistics

“Hello Melanie. I just want to thank you for the excellent tutorials you provide.”

Ariam, July 2014
Year 13, Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Statistics

"Scott seems quite happy with the exams so far. I am very appreciative of the skills and abilities of the tutors as Scott has certainly become more confident in the knowledge that he does know things. Both Helena and Kirsten have helped greatly in developing his skills and techniques in both subjects.

I don’t know how children get on who don’t get tutoring, especially when the lack of knowledge comes down to the teacher that the student currently has. I firmly believe that Scott would probably have struggled to get an achieved in both subjects if we hadn’t approached you.

Please pass on our thanks and best wishes to Helena and Kirsten."

Scott’s parents Susan & Bruce, November 2014
Year 11, English & Mathematics

“Thank you so much for all the help you have given me with bio and stats this year. I’ve enjoyed the funny yet shockingly bad jokes and thank you for putting up with my countless blonde moments. I look forward to seeing you next year.”

Anna, November 2015
Year 12, Level 2 Biology & Mathematics

"Thank you for teaching me this year. I have become much more confident in Maths and have even begun to enjoy it!"

Ellen, November 2010
Year 10, Mathematics

"Thank you very much for tutoring me the last few terms. It has helped me a lot."

Bec, November 2009
Year 13, Level 3 Biology

“Thank you so much for teaching me this year. I have especially really appreciated you giving up your time in the last week to fit in the extra lessons. It has really helped to have someone guide me through NCEA 2. I’m looking forward to Calculus and Chemistry next year. Thank you again.”

Emma, November 2012
Year 12, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics

“Hi Melanie! Just wanted to let you know I got merit in both Stats and Chem exams! Really happy and you helped me heaps so just wanted to say thanks. Now I’m off to Otago! Thanks again!”

Kim, January 2015
Year 13, Chemistry & Statistics

“Just letting you know I passed both of my maths exams! So thanks for all the help – it paid off!”

Jane, January 2015
Year 13, Statistics

“I don't know HOW but I got Excellence on my bio internal. They haven't officially given us the results back yet but they put the mark up on moodle (school website) and I just saw it. I don't know how that happened but thank you so much for the help!”

Izzy, July 2015
Year 12, Level 2 Biology

“Thanks Melanie, Jedd has done very well with English this year and has enjoyed his tutoring with Blake and English at school - which is a huge achievement!

We are keen for Jedd to have English tutoring again next year so please put him on your list of students who want tutoring.”

Jedd’s mother Stephanie, November 2015
Year 10, English

“Just a note to thank you very much for all your help with supporting Daisy via Helena again this year. Daisy’s confidence and love of science due to Helena’s expert and engaging tuition has blossomed. From the Year 10 girl I called you about two years ago, starting to lose her understanding of concepts and needing support, to the confident Excellence level student we have now, has been a transformation. Daisy has always loved science and that love has grown ten-fold in the past two years. She managed to gain 100% Excellences in all her internals this year… not just for her 3 sciences but in all 6 subjects and is already way past the 50 Excellence credits needed for her Level 2 Excellence endorsement, and only 6 credits shy of gaining her second Gold Bar at St Margaret’s (70 E credits).

Many thanks once more. Please tell Helena that Daisy will be in touch with her when she gets her results in January!”

Daisy’s mother Lorelei, December 2015
Year 12, Level 2 Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics

"I did OK in my exams. I only got one of the three science papers, but I did do better than I expected and I've passed with 106 credits and I'm very proud of myself. Thanks for all your help. Without it I wouldn't have achieved as much as I did."

Lexie McKellar, 2007
Year 11, Level 1 Mathematics and Science

"Thanks for the tutoring, it was much appreciated and most helpful."

Tom Busler, November 2007
Year 13, Level 3 Calculus

"I am from St Andrew's College and have received tutoring from Melanie for the past two years, in Chemistry, Physics, [Mathematics] and Calculus in NCEA levels 2 & 3. I have found it very helpful to revise work that I was unsure of and for practical problem solving. I Found Melanie easy to relate to, and she had a wide knowledge of all the above subjects."

Tom Whitehead, December 2007
Year 13, Level 3 Calculus, Chemistry & Physics

"I received my results for maths and have achieved all and also got two merits (in arithmetic and geometric sequences and non-linear graphs) :)  I would like to take lessons again this year. "

Donia Hend, January 2008
Year 12, Level 2 Mathematics

"As a result of having tutoring I feel I understand every topic a lot better. Before I started tutoring I thought I understood the topic but test results said a different story. After having tuition I found I had a better understanding of the topics in general and most of the time I understood what the question was asking.

I thought that Melanie was very helpful in explaining easy ways to understand what the question meant. In Solving Probability problems during the year my report was not achieving at the end of the year it changed to Achieving well my results changed from a not achieved to a merit. Understanding the language they used in Probability was my biggest problem I feel tutoring really helped this subject improve as I grasped what they were really trying to ask.

In the subject Applying Probability Distributions my results changed from not achieving to a merit. This is because I learnt when to apply binomial or Poisson or normal distributions. I learned the difference between these three distributions and it helped improve my test results.

In the topic Using Confidence intervals my results changed from not achieved to an achieved but I feel that the practice and revision I did between the last school results and the final NCEA exam that hopefully my results are higher than that. I feel more confident with this topic now.

Finally with the topic solving equation I could only ever do the simultaneous equations and not the graph part. I use to avoid this paper and did not do it in the school practice exam. So I do not have any results to show how I have improved but I feel with the lessons I have received that I can now answer all questions in this topic and I find it the most enjoyable and the easiest topic to do out of all of them."

Kate McDonald, December 2008
Year 13, Level 3 Statistics

"I have seen my results online and all I can tell you is that Chemistry and Calculus were the best results I had of all!! And that was my mum and dad said too..."

Donia Hend, January 2009
Year 13, Level 2 Chemistry & Calculus

"Tuition really helped me with physics and chemistry. In my chemistry and physics internals I found the tuition Melanie provided helped me work out harder problems and understand them, and therefore I was pleased with my results."

Georgie, December 2008
Year 12, Level 2 Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics

"I understand all of the subjects that I was struggling in alot better like algebra especially and number especially as we went through what I wasn't getting at a good pace so I could grasp it better. I also understand NCEA maths a bit better also as Mel explained to me what I generally needed in order to pass, which was good as I could then aim for getting those right. Getting an understanding in all if this helped me feel more confident in all areas of my maths not just the subjects that I was struggling in. I was in a relaxed environment which helps me learn better. Mel was also very patient with the things I didn't get."

Alice Cameron, December 2008
Year 12, Level 2 Mathematics

"My exams went surprisingly well. I passed everything and got a merit in waves and algebra. Thanks so much for your help."

Rachael Peri, December 2008
Year 12, Level 2 Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics

"I understand Algebra better after having Melanie as a tutor because she explained everything I needed to know in simple steps before continuing onto more complicated and merit excellence questions. I felt that after having tuition my marks were much better and I felt more confident in what I was doing."

Lucie, December 2008
Year 10, Mathematics

"As a result of my tuition, answering different kinds of exams, 1) has improved my confidence, 2) has taught me easier ways to solve problems. And step by step I have found myself loving the subject, and test marks have improved successfully."

Donia Hend, December 2008
Year 13, Level 3 Chemistry & Calculus

"Everything that Mel went over with me is so much clearer now. She went into detail to help me grasp the concepts I was struggling with. I felt a lot more confident going into my exams as a result of Mel's help. I am also fairly confident that my NCEA marks will have improved from my mock exams when I hadn't had any tuition from Mel."

Alice Christensen, December 2008
Year 12, Level 2 Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics

"I think my tuition helped me understand the basics of the topics [and] then learn how to put that understanding to use when given a question. Over all it helped me to understand what questions I was going to get asked and how to solve them the fastest way without making lots of silly mistakes."

Kate McDonald, December 2008
Year 13, Level 3 Statistics

"My tutor was very helpful and went the extra mile by giving [me] lots of exam papers. I passed all my unit standards and internals - the ones I failed before I started tutoring. It was nice how everything was taught step by step. I had more understanding and wasn't rushed. Thanks."

Nastassja Schoeman, December 2008

Year 13, Level 3 Calculus

Thank you for the help over the past few years. [It] made things a lot easier."

Alex, December 2008
Year 13, Level 3 Biology & Statistics

"[Tuition] also helped me have a better understanding of the maths subjects I wasn't doing too well in and also helped me set realistic goals for the subjects. Once I got what I wasn't getting it made my confidence go up as I knew that I could actually do it."

Alice Cameron, December 2008
Year 12, Level 2 Mathematics

"There are many things I understand better due to tuition. Firstly and most importantly, I found the most improvement in my electronics and magnetism test compared to the section of electronics and magnetism in the end of year exam (I got full marks in that section compared to the 65% I got in the unit test). I believe I struggled with it when I did the unit test but I found it far easier in the exam due to the tuition lessons I had been taking. Secondly I remember the huge improvement in geology. Geology was probably one of my weakest science subjects but due to tuition I actually started to enjoy it. I think that is because I actually didn't understand it properly before I started tuition. I learnt that you can really dislike a subject because you simply don't understand it but on the contrary, once you understand the principles, it could be very enjoyable. I also got good marks for that in the end of year exam."

Shalini, December 2008
Year 10, Mathematics & Science

"[I enjoyed] how Mel went into a lot of detail and didn't give up until I was very comfortable with the subject. Also how Mel is more fun than teachers at school which makes the lessons more enjoyable."

Alice, December 2008
Year 12, Level 2 Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics

"Thanks and thank you, you really helped me!"

Ngaio, January 2009
Year 13, Level 3 Biology

"I passed all my maths and science papers with achieveds and merits."

Kieran, January 2009
Year 11, Level 1 Mathematics & Science

"Hi Melanie. You will be pleased to know that I passed all of my maths papers and even managed two merits for graphs and sequences. There is no doubt that these results stemmed from the tutoring you gave me so thanks again for your help."

Briar, January 2009
Year 12, Level 2 Mathematics

"Heya melanie itz bri n john uzt 2 giv me physicz tutorin. I wld lyk 2 say fanku so much 4 it realli helped me. I cldnt hav done it wifout aheadstart!"

Brianna, January 2010
Year 12, Level 2 Physics

"Having the tuition mainly in physics allowed me to gain a much deeper and clearer understanding of the subject. Having Mel helping me through papers and questions enabled me to gain more confidence and feel prepared going into the exam."

Emily Farquhar, December 2009
Year 13, Level 3 Physics

"The tutors are doing a great job with helping students to learn new study techniques."

Neil Viegas, December 2009
Year 11, Level 2 Mathematics

"[Tuition] helped with motivation and preparation for exams and exam study. Learned better study techniques. Got a lot more done throughout the year and coming up to exams than if I hadn't done tutoring."

Year 13 Student, December 2009
Level 3 Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Statistics

"I found the high level of knowledge from my tutor, and the use of past ncea examinations from my chosen subject, increased my ability to answer previously difficult questions in my chosen subject with ease."

Jackson, December 2009
Year 11, Level 1 Physical Science

"[Tuition] gave me a better understanding of things. John made everything clear unlike my teacher. He continuously went over the questions I found hard so that he knew i could do them well and always explained the process really simply....thank you so much for all your help, John really helped me to understand everything it was such a big help and really made me feel great when I got back tests that I actually passed."

Kate, December 2009
Year 12, Level 2 Maths & Physics

"I repeated year 12 physics as I need it for Medical Imaging. I had already learnt the material, I just wasn't grasping ideas as well as I could have. Having tuition from Mel refreshed the topics and went into detail so that I had a clear idea of all of the concepts. I believe that getting tuition from Mel meant I could go into my exams with confidence and I am quite confident that I will get the grades I am looking for!"

Alice, December 2009
Year 13, Level 2 Physics

"Melanie has a very approachable attitude towards me which makes it easy to learn."

Amuri, December 2009
Year 11, Level 1 Chemistry & Physics

"The tutors were fantastic and I am very happy with the quality of teaching they all provide. Thank you."

Year 13 Student, December 2009
Level 3 Physics & Statistics

"I would really like to thank AHeadStart tutoring as i had been to other tuition over other years and had felt that it didn't feel I had gained anything from this but form the tutoring and help you gave to me I felt I had grasped the subject better and it gave me more confidence in my ability which prepared me better for my exams."

Emily, December 2009
Year 13, Level 3 Physics

"I learnt how to take a question and work through it simply and correctly. I was taught how to properly use the formulas given, to understand and answer selected questions. I was taught the information which I needed to know for the exam which I had not been properly taught."

Danielle, December 2009
Year 12, Level 2 Physics

"AHeadStart was an amazing find! I wish I'd found it sooner! =) It helped me so much, it gave me confidance in maths!! made science interesting!!! and above all improved my school grades, to a level at which I'm winning an award for exellence in science! I came top of my class this year, and AHeadStart helped me there. I can't believe I'm typing this, but I now enjoy maths and science = P Thank you very much!"

Year 10 Student, December 2009
Mathematics & Science

"No doubt Saphron's ability to comprehend and understand Maths has led to a huge improvement in her School work. She has worked hard in class and both her confidence and understanding have now seen her work improve from a slightly below level student to her now becoming in the top 3% in her class, with a recommendation from her Teacher that she be moved forward going into next year. Maths Speed tests were also a mind block, but these are now completed quickly and accurately. Saphron's report is not due until next week but indications are that Teachers have been very impressed with her progression. We owe a lot of Saphron's improvements to Melanie with her programme certainly having a very positive effect on our child's learning."

Saphron’s father Mark, December 2008
Year 7, Mathematics

"Mel is a very knowledgeable tutor and has a gentle approach to passing this knowledge on to the student. A lot of thought goes into the lesson plans taking into account the students individual ways of learning. I have always verbalised what I would like to see achieved and feel able to discuss Callum's needs as far as I see. Mel is always happy to tweak her lessons plans and try new ways to help achieve results. The tutoring has been very worthwhile."

Callum’s parents Sandra & Ian Young, December 2008
Year 11, Level 1 Science

"Briar was totally chuffed at her results and deservedly so. But the key for me was that it confirmed for her that she was quite capable of working through and understanding her maths, even though she had convinced herself that this was not possible. It seems to be a real issue for maths that so many students think that they are totally unable to comprehend the principles - you either like maths or you hate it and there seems to be no grey area in-between. So the credit really goes to you Melanie for getting Briar over that "useless at maths" label and giving her the chance to succeed - and she did so well! You have a great intuition for understanding how best to explain the subject."

Briar’s mother Cathie, January 2009
Year 12, Level 2 Mathematics

"[My daughter] was advised not to attempt Chem or Stats as her level 2 results were not good enough. She passed all of her internals with some merit passes. She has worked very hard with the tuition showing her how to maximise her efforts."

Mother of student December 2009
Year 13, Level 3 Chemistry & Statistics

"[My son] found going over the specific areas that he didn't understand [helpful]...again the ability to personalise teaching to his specific learning needs."

Mother of student December 2009
Year 12, Level 2 Chemistry

"Overview an excellent relaxed approach which should boost any student's learning. Thankyou for coming to our house and discussing this material with her ... see you next year. "

Amuri’s mother Jenny, December 2009
Year 12, Level 2 Physics

"I just want to say thank you so much for your help throughout the year. I passed the [medical imaging] course. Also, I received a phone call yesterday from a lady from CPIT she phoned me to say that I have won a maths award, I can't believe it! I get it next week and I won $250 with the certificate. I won it because they picked students who came in knowing nothing about maths then coming out with top marks, my final maths exam score was 80% which I was so happy with. And my statistic and math methods was at 80% as well, I honestly thought I was going to fail!"

Lea, December 2015
Pre-Health, Mathematics & Biology

"Melanie fitted my daughter in an already packed schedule of hers. She went the extra mile to make sure she understood every concept in calculus. The result of her effective approach was a very confident student. My daughter just went from strength to strength, passed her internal exams, feels confident about success in the end of year exams and is absolutely motivated. Thank you, Melanie!"

Nastassja’s mother Henriette, December 2008
Year 13, Level 3 Calculus

"The feedback which I have received from my student has been extremely positive. He had Jason as a Maths Teacher, and I know that the one on one tution made all the difference to the confidence of my student. I would definitely recommend the agency they are easy to contact and very helpful. He will be using the services of your agency again in 2010. I am the guardian of this young man, and I know that from his comments he is extremely satisfied."

Paht’s guardian Margaret, December 2009
Year 12 Mathematics