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Teaching your child the foundations


Primary Students _ Little Girl Smiling in Class iStock_520542890.jpgAHeadStart provides expert tuition in literacy (reading, writing, spelling and comprehension), numeracy (mathematics) and science for primary and intermediate school students in Years 0-8 at school.

AHeadStart aims to guide students so they reach their full potential in a positive learning environment. The primary school years are important for creating and strengthening the fundamentals of all subjects. By building each child’s self-esteem around education, they can progress confidently and successfully on to secondary school.

No matter which tutoring plan you choose, each child has their own personal tutor, so they will feel comfortable and supported. Personalised one-on-one or small group tutorials are specifically designed to suit your child’s needs. During each one hour session your child will have the full attention of their tutor. This gives our tutors the ability to adjust the pace, focus and goals of every lesson, resulting in optimal learning efficiency.

Your child may require help to catch up, gain confidence and build a strong foundation. They may be perfoming at the expected level, but lack confidence in one of their subjects. Or they may want extension in their favourite subject, or one not covered much at primary school, such as science or coding.

Whatever your child's goals, our primary tutors will guide your child through every tutorial through regular assessment and lots of encouragement!


Catch Up?

Your child may require help to catch up in literacy or numeracy, gain confidence and build a strong foundation.

If your child has missed fundamental information or is finding some concepts challenging, it is most effective to give them a helping hand as soon as you can. This will increase their self-esteem going forward and make learning at school a more enjoyable experience.

As each child has their own personal tutor, your child will work to their own level and immediately start moving forward at a pace that suits them.

“The tutoring is going extremely well and Sean has been very patient with Joshua and we have noticed a change in his attitude toward learning and reading."

Joshua's mother Heather
Year 5, Reading & Writing


Keep Up?

Your child may be working to a level near the 'middle' at school. Their teacher may be happy with their progress, but your child may not feel confident in, or enjoy, reading, writing, spelling, comprehension or mathematics.

In a class of twenty to thirty pupils, students who are struggling may easily go unnoticed. It’s important to listen to your child if they express any concerns about their learning, even if no red flags have been raised at school.

With our one-on-one or small group tutorials, our tutors can help your child to build a stronger understanding and fill in any gaps in their learning. With increased confidence your child can have the motivation to reach their potential.

We believe that the programme has allowed Saphron to gain confidence in Maths. She now feels she has the ability to solve problems and understand the breakdown involved in finding solutions. She is starting to excel in the classroom environment, whereas before she would normally sit back and become somewhat lost. Well done Melanie you have an ability to made Saphron comfortable, which has meant that she now has a desire to continue learning Maths."

Saphron's father Mark
Year 7, Mathematics


Get AHead?

Tuition isn’t just for students who are struggling. It is also an opportunity for students who want to excel or explore new ideas.

For children who may want extension in their favourite subject, tuition is something they really enjoy every week. It also suits those who are keen to have help with a subject not covered much at primary school, such as algebra, social studies, science or coding.

With their own personal tutor your child can tell their tutor about what they would like to learn, and our tutors will provide a customised tutorial building on key concepts.

George did super well at his prize giving with a maths excellence certificate and overall award for science and we know a lot of that was thanks to Sean.
Thanks, Justine."

George's mother Justine
Year 8, Mathematics & Science


English, Mathematics & Science


English _ Boy doing his school work or homework  iStock_845847486.jpg

AHeadStart provides expert tuition in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science for primary and intermediate school students in Years 0-8 at school.

Please read below about what to expect.


Reading, writing and comprehension are core skills for every child to master, as these are the foundations of our society.

At AHeadStart, our tutors will help your child to learn reading comprehension and spelling, as well as broader skills like creative writing required in higher years.

Our primary and intermediate school students develop important English skills such as:

  • Spelling and word structure
  • Reading and comprehension
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Creative writing
  • Research skills
  • Essay writing



Mathematics is a subject that is commonly frustrating for children and adults alike, despite being used in almost all aspects of every day life. This means it’s so important for every child to understand what mathematics is about and the ability to tackle it.

At AHeadStart, our tutors will guide your child through structured tutorials, building on their current abilities.

Our primary and intermediate school students develop important Mathematics skills such as:

  • Basic facts, including times tables
  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing
  • Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Geometry and statistics
  • Foundational algebra to prepare them for high school




Science is a way of investigating, understanding, and explaining our natural, physical world and the wider universe. Science is able to inform problem solving and decision making in many areas of life. 

Little over a quarter of primary schools have effective science programmes for Years 5 to 8. At AHeadStart we believe that Science  is fun and informative! Science education can begin at any age, but certainly should be introduced while students are at primary level. 

At AHeadStart, our tutors will help your child to learn about many areas of Science, to give them a broad knowledge base.

Our primary and intermediate school students develop an understanding of important apects of Science:

  • Nature of Science - what Science is and how scientists work
  • Living World - about living things
  • Planet Earth & Beyond - about the Earth and solar system
  • Physical World - physical phenomena, including the basics of light, electricity and force
  • Material World - matter and energy