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NCEA Results Online

Registered users should visit the NZQA website



NCEA Results Online

As you are probably aware, NCEA results for 2018 are now available online to registered users (15 January 2019).

Students must be registered on the NZQA website in order to view entries and results. To complete this, you will need to know the NSN (National Student Number), which was sent as part of the candidate information pack.

Please follow the link below to the login page:

Important Notice: It is crucial that you remember that these online results can be adjusted, if marking of the examination papers has been carried out incorrectly. 

Marked Examination Papers

AHeadStart highly recommends that you make the most of the opportunity to check your papers, as it is possible that mistakes are made in the marking by human error.

New Zealand is the only country in the world to return marked examination papers to candidates. This will take place from later this week onwards, with papers delivered progressively over the following fortnight.

Following the return of marked papers, students have until Friday, 15th February 2019 to apply for Reviews and Reconsiderations.


If you think there has been a processing error, such as one or more unmarked sections in a booklet or portfolio, or the incorrect transfer of grades, you may request a review. All sections of the booklet or portfolio are checked that they have been assessed and the results have been correctly recorded and transferred. It does not involve re-marking the script. There is no charge for a review.


If you think an answer booklet has not been assessed (or 'marked') correctly, you can apply for a reconsideration. This involves reassessing all answers in the answer booklet using the original assessment schedule - in other words re-marking it - and also checking mechanical processes, like transferring results. The cost is $20.00 for each booklet to be reconsidered. This fee will be refunded if the mark changes.

Please follow the link to more information on this on the NZQA website, including how to apply:

What to do when you Receive the Marked Examination Papers

Please follow the steps below when the marked examination papers arrive...

Step 1.

Please make sure that every question has been marked i n each paper. If not, you should apply for Reconsideration of the paper.

Step 2.

Check that the final grade for the exam paper is correct by comparing the number of Achieved, Merit and Excellence grades attained for all the questions with the cut scores. If the counting has been done incorrectly, you should apply for Reconsideration of the paper.

Cut Scores
The cut scores used by markers are made available on the NZQA website. Cut scores are a summary of the number of correct answers needed at Achieved, Merit and Excellence to reach the standard.

To view the Cut Scores for a standard:

To understand Grade Score Marking:

Step 3.

Please check that questions have been marked fairly.

This can be a difficult task as the answers for the papers will not be available online until May 2018. However, if you think you or your child may be very close to getting an improved grade in a paper, but all the questions have been counted correctly, it may be worthwhile applying for it to be reviewed and the grade reconsidered. This particularly applies when close to gaining 50 Merit or Excellence credits overall, or a Merit or Excellence subject endorsement.


AHeadStart Offer

Here at AHeadStart we would like to help you gain the best grades possible, so we are offering to review your papers:

  1. at no cost for students who received tutoring from AHeadStart in 2018,
  2. for $10 for new students for a half hour session.

We cannot guarantee to assist in all subjects.

If you are interested, please contact AHeadStart by emailing once the marked examination papers have arrived, and we will make arrangements to meet up with you.

Melanie and the AHeadStart Team