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        Free Consultation

  1. Contact Melanie for a free 30 minute consultation to help determine your tutoring requirements and how we can best assist you.
  2. You can either choose to chat on the phone or meet with Melanie in person.
  3. An initial assessment is also available at your request.



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        Select Tuition Preferences & Sign Up


  1. Following your initial consultation you will receive an email summarising all the information you need to know.
  2. Make to following choices about the tuition you would like to receive, so we can provide the most suitable options for tutors.
  3. Complete our online Sign Up For Tuition form.



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A: Subjects


  • Decide which subjects you would like help with during tutorials.
  • Tip: The is an important step to selecting the tutors who will most suit your needs.



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B: Tuition Plan


  • Select either one-on-one tutoring (Platinum or Gold Plan) or in small groups (Silver or Group Plan).
  • Tip: This is an important step in making sure you get the most out of every single tutorial and reach your goals.



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C: Tuition Frequency


  • Choose either weekly or casual tutoring.
  • Tip: This is an important step to ensure that tutorials are regular enough for you to aid understanding, knowledge retention and achieve great results.



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D: Tutorial Location


  • Decide between either a convenient local library or home tuition.
  • Tip: We do our best to offer tuition at as many suitable locations as possible, but this is dependent on tutor availability. The more locations you choose, the great the selection of tutors we can offer you.



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   E: Suitable Times

  • Select all the possible days and times that will suit you for tutorials - during the week or the weekend.
  • Tip: The more potential times that you are available, the larger the selection of tutors we can offer to you.



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        Choose Your Tutor

  • Once you completed the online sign up form a selection of handpicked tutors will be emailed to you.
  • You then select your preferred tutor, by reading their profiles online.



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  Tuition Begins

  • The initial tutorial date is determined to start you on your pathway to academic success.
  1. Prior to your first tutorial we recommend you complete:

    1. Learning Style Analysis - helps both you and your tutor understand the best way for you to learn.
    2. Personality Type Quiz - your personality type can help influence your learning style.