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Hi there! My name’s Harry, and I’m available to tutor Chemistry, English, Latin, Maths (including Calculus and Statistics), and Physics with AHeadStart. This year I’ve begun a Bachelor of Science at the University of Canterbury, majoring in Chemistry and Maths. I attained an Outstanding Scholar award in the 2022 NZ Scholarship exams, achieving Outstanding Scholarship in Calculus, Chemistry, and Statistics and Scholarship in Latin and Physics. In that year I also achieved a grade of A+ in UC’s MATH199 course and was named Dux of Wellington College. 

During my time at school, I gained a great deal of experience in working with people through being a prefect and peer support leader, as well as my involvement in school music groups. The latter role in particular introduced me to assisting others in working through challenges and helping them learn.

I firmly believe that understanding the reasoning behind a solution to a problem is far more valuable than simply knowing what steps to chug through to find the answer. This is an attitude I bring to my tutorials, so that tutees can broaden their understanding and gain the ability to decipher strange and unusual problems.

In my spare time I’m an avid reader, and I also enjoy cooking and baking. I really enjoy both listening to and playing music: I play drums and percussion, and getting behind a drum kit is a valuable part of my day!

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