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Hi my name is Jesse and I am a tutor at A Head Start willing to tutor Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Calculus, Statistics, Electronics and, Computer Science.

Currently I am in my second year of a Bachelor of Science majoring in Astronomy and Mathematics at the University of Canterbury. I also currently have the highest possible GPA at UC, showing my high understanding of Physics and Mathematics. So don’t worry if you have some high end questions which you need help with.

I attended high school in my hometown, Whanganui, enjoying all my science and maths classes. Having finished with NCEA in 2017 I am up to date with all the standards and am able and willing to give you help in them. My main achievements while in NCEA include getting all 3 levels endorsed with excellence and obtaining a NCEA Scholarship Award by achieving scholarship in Calculus, Physics and Chemistry.

I have also done Cambridge Mathematics, to be specific P1 and S1 at AS level and, P3 and S2 at A level. Getting an A in both. On top of which I completed the MATH199 course at UC during my year 13.

Outside of academia, I enjoy mountain biking, especially touring and downhill (very polar, I know). I am also a computer enthusiast and actively work on technology in my spare time. On top of these I have been a part of the New Zealand Cadet Forces since 2012. Don’t worry however, I am a patient and understanding individual and my many years in the Cadet Forces has moulded me in a great lecturer, hence tutor.

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