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Hello there! I am James-Hardy and I’m a second-year medical student at the University of Auckland. I tutor Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Calculus and Statistics for AHeadStart.

I graduated from Hamilton Boys’ High School in 2020, where I endorsed all three NCEA levels with excellence, as well as gaining 6 scholarships in the above subjects (outstanding in Chemistry and Statistics) as well as Earth and Space Science. Having recently finished high school, I am very well acquainted with the standards and all the required content of those subjects.

My core teaching goal will be to establish the fundamentals and essential concepts first, then learn how to apply those to a wide variety of questions that NCEA throws at us. While this will be my first year with AHeadStart, I have had previous experience tutoring and coaching during high school from Year 11 onwards. This has given me skills to learn students’ learning styles and adapt my teaching methods as necessary.

Outside of academics, I am a keen swimmer and avid golfer. While I may not be very good at the latter, I appreciate the never-ending battle for improvement and the resilience the game fosters. When the weather isn’t as good, I like to read, play chess and jam on the guitar with my friends.

I am based in Auckland city and am available for online tutorials. I eagerly await meeting you and helping with your studies this year!

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