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The process or work of keeping financial accounts.




Accountancy is a branch of mathematical science that is useful in discovering the causes of success and failure in business. It involves the communication of financial information about a business entity to users such as shareholders and managers.

An understanding of financial control as it affects the sole trader, partnerships, companies and non-proft organisations is very useful to equip people with an ability to cope with the complexities of money management.

If you are considering a future running your own business, or any finance related or managerial role, then this course is a must for you.

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NCEA Accounting

Level 1
Accounting at this level seeks to give an understanding of the complete financial records for the control of personal finances, and the finances of the simplest business arrangement: the sole trader. The principle of double entry accounting is then explained and applied to produce final accounts for trading firms and service industries. These financial statements are then analysed and interpreted  considering their special features and requirements.

Level 2
Accounting at this level seeks to give an understanding of the complete financial records for control of the simplest business arrangement,that of a sole trader. This study builds on the concepts and skills that were developed in Level 1. The emphasis is on the accounting system, and the internal control processes, to ensure the safeguarding of assets which provide for the management of a business. The course deals with the sole trader registered for GST on an invoice basis.

Level 3
Accounting at this level seeks to give an understanding of the complete financial records for control of business organisations - from sole traders, to partnerships, and fnally to companies. The principles of double entry accounting are applied. The analysis and interpretation of the final accounts are required at this level.

Accounting with AHeadStart

“Ruby wanted to achieve a good result in accounting as she was struggling with low achieved or not achieved scores.
In her NCEA Lvl 1 externals she got 2 merits and 1 excellence. Joe was amazing and in 10 weeks she learnt more than a whole year in the class room."

Ruby’s mother Keryn
Year 11, Level 1 Accounting


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Accounting Resources


All of the following book resources can be purchased at leading bookshops or the following websites:

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ABA Resources:

Level 1
ESA Level 1 Accounting Study Guide
ESA Level 1 Accounting Learning Workbook
ESA Level 1 Accounting AME Workbook

Nelson Cengage NCEA Accounting - A Beginning: Level 1 Year 11 Workbook

Level 2
ESA Level 2 Accounting Study Guide
ESA Level 2 Accounting Learning Workbook
ESA Level 2 Accounting AME Workbook

Nelson Cengage NCEA Accounting A Next Step Level Two - Individual Achievement Standards

Level 3
ESA Level 3 Accounting Study Guide
ESA Level 3 Accounting Learning Workbook
ESA Level 3 Accounting AME Workbook

Nelson Cengage Senior Accounting NCEA Level 3 - Individual Achievement Standards

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