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AHeadStart tutors are high achievers, excellent communicators and passionate about learning.
Most of all they are keen to share their knowledge!


Expert Tutors _ Portrait of a student in the library iStock_510902781.jpgEvery AHeadStart tutor has personal experience of the New Zealand education system, including NCEA and Cambridge at high school, as well as university studies, and knows what it takes to achieve success. Many of our tutors were Dux or Proxime Accessit of their secondary school, or involved in leadership positions such as Head Boy or Head Girl.

Our tutors are selected via a thorough intervew process. Tutors are chosen based on their tutoring experience, their record of achievement in NCEA and their tertiary studies, as well as their ability and passion for sharing their knowledge with students.

All of our tutors are screened by the NZ Police prior to being placed with students.


How to choose your personal tutor

Find a tutor to suit your needs



  Subjects noun_1686639.pngSUBJECTS

  1. Select a tutor, or tutors, who can assist you with the subjects you need help with.

  2. Many tutors can help you with multiple subjects, so keep this in mind. If you need help with one subject in particular, but think you might like help with another subject, it's a good idea to look for a tutor that can assist with both subjects.

  3. If you need significant help with two or more subjects,  you may be best to have separate tutorials for each subject to have enough time to cover the content. In this case, it may be a good idea to have two more tutors to who can specialise in each subject. 


  Calendar Frequency noun_28123.png AVAILABILITY


  1. Select a tutor, or tutors, who will be available on the days and times that will work for you on a regular basis. We can assist by letting you know which tutors are available at times that will suit you.

  2. Most tutors are flexible to be able to change the tutorial date and time as needed, to fit around unexpected commitments or illness that might come up.


  Location noun_1638215.png LOCATIONS


  1. Select a tutor, or tutors, who are able to travel to your home or local library that will suit you. We can assist by letting you know which tutors are available to meet at locations that will suit you.

  2. The more locations you are able to travel to for tutorials, the wider the range of tutors will be availble for you to choose from.

  3. Our ability to travel to your home will depend on the tutors who are available. Please note that a travel fee does apply for home tutoring.

  University noun_466357.png TERTIARY STUDIES OR EXPERTISE


  • Select a tutor, or tutors, who are studying in an area you are interested in pursuing. For example, many of our tutors are studying engineering, so if you are interested in learning more about engineering they may be a good choice for you.

  1. Some of our tutors specialise in assisting primary school students, or secondary students, or be able to help with all levels.


  Hobbies noun_516822.png  EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES


  • ​Select a tutor, or tutors, who enjoy the same interests as you. This could be sports, music or any kind of club you might be involved in.

  1. Sharing the same interests as your tutor should make it easier to talk to your tutor and get to know each other. However, this should be the last consideration when choosing a tutor, after the other suggestions above.