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About Earth & Space Science

How the different parts of the Earth System are linked to each other and the solar system.



Earth & Space Science

Eath & Space Science includes a range topics of study, which each contain more specialized fields. Within Earth & Space Science, students learn about earth, ocean, atmospheric, and astronomical processes and explore how the different parts of the Earth System (geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere) are intimately linked with each other and the solar system. Earth & Space Science also studies the Earth and its neighbours in space. 

Earth scientists usually work “in the field”—climbing mountains, crawling through caves, wading in swamps, or exploring the seabed. They measure and collect samples (such as rocks or river water), then they record their findings to learn more about the world we live in.

Earth & Space Science affects our everyday lives. Geologists study rocks and help to locate useful minerals. Some Earth scientists study how humans impact on the Earth's environment, and design ways in which we can start to protect the Earth. Some plan communities, using their knowledge of natural processes, to help protect people from serious events. Seismologists study earthquakes and try to predict where they will occur to develop warning systems. Hydrologists study water and warn of floods, and work with engineers to design systems to help prevent flooding in urban areas. Meteorologists study the weather and keep an eye out for potentially dangerous storms and hurricanes.

Earth & Space Science exposes students to a range of scientific topics and is an ideal choice for students who wish to develop their scientifc understanding and knowledge. There course involves integrating aspects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

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NCEA Earth & Space Science

Level 2
Earth & Space Science at Level 2 involves integrating aspects of Physics, Chemistry and
Biology. Students will study extreme earth events such as earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. The course includes a feld trip to look at how geological processes have formed the local landscape. Students research how an organism has adapted to an extreme environment, such as the deep sea or Antarctica. Students also design and carry out a practical investigation and explore aspects of astronomy.

Level 3
In Earth & Space Science at Level 2 students study the Earth's interconnected systems and processes, the other parts of the solar system, and the universe beyond. They design and carry out practical investigation as well as research a socio-scientifc issue. Students will examine the oceanic and atmospheric systems in detail and investigate an aspect of astronomy.

Earth & Space Science with AHeadStart

“The tutoring service provided has enabled my daughter to achieve NCEA Level 2 with Merit Endorsement. The tutor was highly skilled, thoroughly professional and trustworthy. I would recommend this service to any prospective parent looking to provide the best tutoring service available for their child.”

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Year 12,  Level 2 Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Space Science, English, Mathematics & Physics,







All of the following book resources can be purchased at leading bookshops or the following websites:

ESA Publications Store:

Level 2
ESA Level 2 Earth & Space Science Learning Workbook

Level 3
ESA Level 3 Earth & Space Science Learning Workbook