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About Design & Visual Communication

Graphics - the understanding and application of drawing techniques
and design practice to communicate design ideas.



Design & Visual Communication

Design & Visual Communication is also known as Graphics.

In today’s society, communication and design in its many forms are vital factors for success in our constantly evolving technological world. Design and Visual Communication helps to meet needs of our modern technological society by bringing together the educational features of graphics practice, design, visual communication and creative problem solving.

Design and Visual Communication provides the skills and knowledge to allow students to communicate technological ideas and precise information using visual communication techniques using design and drawing. Students will gain an understanding of the design process, how to communicate design ideas using graphics practice and appropriate technologies, and using mock–ups and models as a design tool.

Students will also gain a good understanding of design, both aesthetic and functional. They will also gain an understanding how design movements, eras and the designers have influenced modern design.

Design and Visual Communication involves a variety of learning experiences that lead to a wide range of potential careers including, but not limited to, Architecture, Engineering and Design.

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NCEA Design & Visual Communication

Level 1
The Level 1 Design and Visual Communication course focuses on the three related
sub-topics: graphics practice, design and visual communication. It provides students with opportunities to develop skills in visual literacy and creative thinking and to learn to communicate knowledge using a range of accepted visual communication techniques, including sketching, instrumental drawing, presentation and computer aided drawing applications. Units of work will be based predominately in the areas of architectural and environmental design and product and technological design. These areas provide students with a wide range of opportunities in real life situations. There are also opportunities to explore the works of influential designers and use the designer’s influences to guide their own design thinking.

Level 2
The course follows a similar format to the Level 1 NCEA course. The focus is again on the inter–related graphics learning areas of graphics practice, design and visual communication with design tasks based on either spatial or product design briefs to provide challenging and realistic problem solving exercises. There is also a greater emphasis on the use of computers for presentation and CAD work. The course is structured to teach students to extend their understanding and design skills for specific needs, as well as take their graphics from conceptual ideas to evaluation and presentation.

Level 3
Level 3 Design and Visual Communication places an emphasis on individual solutions to problems selected from architecture, engineering or media design and the graphic communication of this information in a comprehensive and precise manner. Emphasis is placed on students selecting and using the most appropriate methods for communicating their designs, consistently using high quality  presentation skills and having a good understanding of the aspects of function and aesthetics, and the application of these in their design solutions. Students are free to choose methods of  presentation to a group etc. from a range comprising portfolio, design sketches, working drawings, models, mock–ups, photography, CAD representation, animation, PowerPoint, video, multi media, or oral presentations.


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Design & Visual Communication Resources


All of the following book resources can be purchased at leading bookshops or the following websites:

ESA Publications Store:

Level 1
ESA Level 1 Design and Visual Communication Study Guide
ESA Level 1 Design and Visual Communication Learning Workbooks

Level 2
ESA Level 2 Design and Visual Communication Study Guide