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Gold Plan

For self-motivated students who take charge of their own learning.


ONE-ON-ONE TUTORING: for self-motivated students who take charge of their own learning

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Tutorials that are one-to-one mean tutors can focus their attention fully on each student. With no other students causing distractions, our tutors are better able to identify and work on a student’s weak points, and tailor each lesson to the student's learning style, making the whole learning process more effective.

The Gold Plan is recommended for self-motivated students* who take charge of their own learning, want to improve their understanding and have questions about their school work. *The tutor will guide the tutorial for primary students Years 1-6.



Benefits of the Gold Plan:
  1. Personalised one-on-one tutorials, with the same tutor for each tutorial.

  2. Student guides* the tutorial by asking the tutor for assistance with understanding subject concepts or with help to complete practice questions. *The tutor will guide the tutorial for primary students Years 1-6.

  3. Immediate and constructive feedback on student work.

  4. A structured time set aside for studying to assist with motivation.

  5. Home tuition is available.

Student to tutor ratio:
  1. One-on-one sessions mean that students get the full attention of the tutor.

How each tutorial works:
  1. Students work one-on-one with the tutor, in a positive learning environment.

  2. The tutor answers student queries, explains concepts or helps the student work through how to answer specific topic questions.

  3. AHeadStart recommends students purchase NCEA Exam Booklets* to use during the tutorials, as well as bring textbooks and class work they have questions about.

  4. AHeadStart recommends a minimum of one tutorial each week on the Gold Plan to maintain continuity.

  5. Tutorials are either at a public library or home tuition.

*NCEA Booklets of practice NCEA exam papers are available for $20 per External Achievement Standard. Internal Achievement Standards are generally available at cheaper rates.