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Group Plan

Suits self-motivated students wanting tuition in a group.


GROUP TUTORING: for self-motivated students wanting tuition in a group

Group _ I love your story! iStock_491375055.jpgThe Group Plan has three students per tutor. This means our tutors are able to focus their attention on each student for a good portion of each tutorial making the whole learning process more effective than group tuition offered by other tutoring services.

When other tuition service groups students together, the students will likely be from different schools, in different levels or classes, or have different abilities. We know that group tuition works best when students know each other and are able to work together. Studies have shown that students learn better in student-to-student friendships which facilitates conceptual understanding through mutual discussion and explanation.

For this reason students need to have two siblings or friends they would like to have tuition with before choosing the Group Plan.

Benefits of the Group Plan:
  1. Tutorials with two friends or siblings.

  2. The ability to learn through discussion with both the tutor and friends or siblings.

  3. Students guide the tutorial by asking the tutor for assistance with understanding subject concepts or with help to complete practice questions.

  4. A structured time set aside for studying to assist with motivation.

  5. Home tuition available.

Student to tutor ratio:
  1. Three students per tutor means each student receives individual attention.

How each tutorial works:
  1. The Group Plan works best if the students are in the same class as they will be learning the same topics at school, however the plan can work well if siblings would like tuition together.

  2. Students can work together, in discussion with the tutor, on the same subject and year level (usually friends).

  3. Students can work independently from each other, with the tutor, on different subjects or levels (usually siblings).

  4. The tutor answers student queries, explains concepts or helps the student work through how to answer specific topic questions.

  5. Students bring along their own textbook and class work they have questions about, or can purchase NCEA Exam Booklets* to use during the tutorials.

  6. Tutorials are either at a public library or home tuition.

*NCEA Booklets of practice NCEA exam papers are available for $20 per External Achievement Standard. Internal Achievement Standards are generally available at cheaper rates.