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Platinum Plan

For students who lack motivation and need guidance with their studies.


ONE-ON-ONE TUTORING: for students who lack motivation and need guidance with their studies

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Tutorials that are one-to-one mean tutors can focus their attention fully on each student. With no other students causing distractions, our tutors are better able to identify and work on a student’s weak points, and tailor each lesson to the student's learning style, making the whole learning process more effective.

The Platinum Plan is recommended for students who lack motivation and need guidance with their studies. It includes weekly homework so our tutors can monitors each student's progress and progress reports are provided every 10 tutorials.

We recommended Platinum Plan tutorials on a weekly basis, as this allows our tutors to regularly review with their students what has been covered in class each week, help give their students a head start on content that is to be covered in school the following week, as well as set relevant homework for the concepts that require more practice.

We recommend NCEA students on this plan purchase our NCEA booklets of past exam papers as a resource for tutorials, homework and study.

Benefits of the Platinum Plan:
  1. Personalised one-on-one tutorials, with the same tutor for each tutorial.

  2. Tutor guides the student through the tutorial, making sure all relevant subject material is covered and understood through practice questions.

  3. Student progress is guided and monitored with a weekly homework plan.

  4. Immediate and constructive feedback on student work.

  5. A structured time set aside for studying to assist with motivation.

  6. Comprehensive Progress Report provided after every 10 tutorials.

  7. Home tuition is available.

Student to tutor ratio:
  1. One-on-one sessions mean that students get the full attention of the tutor.

How each tutorial works:
  1. Students work one-on-one with the tutor, as the tutor guides the student through the tutorial.

  2. The tutor answers student queries, explains concepts or helps the student work through how to answer specific topic questions.

  3. Tutor provides a weekly homework plan, with a focus on practise of previous NCEA exams. Completion of homework is monitored every week.

  4. Students must purchase NCEA Exam Booklets* to use during the tutorials, as well as bring textbooks and class work they have questions about.

  5. AHeadStart recommends a minimum of one tutorial each week on the Platinum Plan to maintain continuity.

  6. Tutorials are either at a public library or home tuition.

*NCEA Booklets of practice NCEA exam papers are available for $20 per External Achievement Standard. Internal Achievement Standards are generally available at cheaper rates.

The "Comprehensive Progress Report" includes:
  1. Record of student's progress.

  2. Achievements & improvements made over the 5 tutorials.

  3. Areas for future improvement, including suggested study tips.

  4. Student's effort during the tutorial.

  5. Student's homework completion, as well quality of work.

  6. Student's attendance in tutorials.