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Hello, my name is Jake, and I am a tutor for Mathematics, Calculus, Statistics, English, Physics and Technology. I currently a second year student at the University of Canterbury, studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science. As Proxime Accessit for Lincoln High School, I have achieved across all three years of NCEA. During my NCEA career I obtained an excellence endorsement in level 1 and 2, and a merit endorsement in level 3. In addition to this, I took two level 1 courses in Computer Science at the University of Canterbury in my last year of high school and achieved an A+ grade in both of these. I am a confident and methodical communicator, and the communication skills I have learned from my extensive time debating show this. I organise my time well, having spent years learning how best to complete tasks in a timely fashion.

As a tutor, I enjoy watching others realise their own potential. Learning should be an individual and curated process, driven by a student's interests in their subject areas. I have good knowledge and perspective of examinable content and a drive to learn any areas that I fall short on.

Outside of study, I enjoy pursuing my own individual interests in Computer Science, Mathematics, and reading. I enjoy Science Fiction and Fantasy novels, especially those that challenge fundamental aspects of reality. Computer programming is one of my favourite activities, which I practice during any time available to me. I enjoy furthering my own knowledge through online courses, in particular from material provided by MIT OpenCourseWare.

I look forward to the opportunity to help any student excel, and discover a passion for their subjects by looking at them in new ways.

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