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My tutoring style will be based around three key ideas about learning.

  1. Motivation- I intend to work with each student to discover or develop their individual reasons for wanting to learn a particular thing or achieve highly. This goes beyond, “I want to be a doctor” and focuses on making sure they remind themselves that they want to be a doctor to help people, or because they’re very interested in biology. This is based on the philosophy that a fear of failure becomes a less effectual motivator the more a sense of failure is experienced.

  2. Strengths and interests- Rather than focusing on areas where the student is struggling or needs to improve, I would like to start off by learning what they are passionate about and what they are good at. This will help me to adapt my tutoring style to suit each student, by relating concepts they find difficult back to areas where they are talented.

  3. Mental health- Failure on a test is not failure as a human being, and it shouldn’t feel that way. Everyone has experienced anxiety at some point in their lives and anyone who I tutor is going to receive every possible opportunity to feel understood and supported.

Something else you might like to know about me, technically I am a high school drop out. I have known that I wanted to be an architect since I was ten years old, I like problem solving and generating original ideas, and I love that I could create spaces that improve people's lives. So instead of continuing into Year 13, I joined a Diploma in Architectural Technology at Ara, which with a high grade point average will enable me to skip the first year of the Bachelor of Architectural Studies. I currently hold an A- average at Ara, and completed the first two levels of NCEA with Excellence endorsement and subject endorsement in all my subjects.

In addition to tutoring I also work for Rollickin Gelato, and rock climb with the Flying Geckos climbing club. My favourite musician is St Vincent, my favourite book is Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’.

I’m really excited to be working with students to tackle difficult concepts and skills in a way that suits them best.

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