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Kia Ora, I’m Ceri and I tutor Biology, Chemistry, English and Science at AHeadStart. I am currently a fourth-year medical student here in Christchurch hospital.

I achieved excellence endorsement in all three levels of NCEA at high school and so have a very sound knowledge of the NCEA curriculum and exams. I was awarded prizes for top in biology, chemistry and music in multiple years.

I am an experienced tutor having tutored first year health science papers at Otago University for the past two years both privately and at residential colleges. I attained A+ in my first year of University and have subsequently achieved distinction in my medical class along with Dean’s Commendations.

I am very passionate about science and so have built up the knowledge and understanding needed to communicate the sciences effectively to others.

However, most importantly, I know how to study, how to learn and how to apply that knowledge during exams. I am confident that I can communicate the knowledge of my chosen subjects to anybody, and I am also confident in my ability to teach others how to better learn and study, to understand the content themselves.

I have always pursued multiple different hobbies and interests outside of academics. I am very musical and so currently play and have played in multiple bands. I play guitar, bass, piano and drums. I love sport and have played many different sports, representing my schools and university in football, basketball, touch rugby, ultimate Frisbee and anything else I can find the time to do! I’m a big believer in working hard at the things you need to do so that you have more time for the things you want to do. It’s all about balancing your work and your life as best you can.  

I love tutoring and look forward to helping all of my students enjoy their studies and achieve their academic goals!  

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