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Hello my name is Danielle, this is my first year at AHeadStart tutoring primary and intermediate numeracy and literacy, Visual Arts years 9 & 10, and all levels of high school English.

I have recently graduated with a Bachelor of Criminal Justice Degree, graduating in the top 15% of the University as a member of the Golden Key Honour Society.  In 2018 I was awarded the Gerald Orchard prize for Principals of Evidence. In 2019, I am returning to University of Canterbury to complete my honours year, before undertaking my masters in Criminal Justice.

During my high school years, I attained NCEA Level 1 Excellence with honours, and NCEA Levels 2 & 3 with Excellence, including excellence endorsements in English and Visual Arts.  Throughout my years at High School I attended various Julie Arliss gifted and talented conferences, and had an active role as deputy head of International Council.

I am currently a mentor for The Pillars Organisation. The skills I have learnt and developed in this role include patience, understanding, nurturing and the desire to foster individual potential and growth, which I will transfer to my role as a tutor.

I am motivated to see others achieve to their full potential, and help assist those individuals seeking excellence. Over my years of schooling I have developed many tools and learning techniques that I hope to pass on to others to assist them on their own pathway to success.  I understand that everyone has their own learning style, and my aim is to promote greater confidence and enthusiasm in their chosen subject area by making learning enjoyable.

Outside of study I love to swim, walk my dogs, and enjoy boating with family and friends.  To unwind I love music and being creative with Art.

I am really looking to make a positive difference for your child in 2019.

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