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So interesting that they decided to name a card in a pack of 52 after me, my name is Jack and I just might be your guide to success in a wide range of NCEA subjects!

Born into an English family residing in Invercargill – the industrious city that brought us the spiral bobby pin and instant coffee – I have always been interested in studying different groups of people and how humans interact with each other and their environment. Although having Jeremy Clarkson’s wardrobe and a sense of humour that qualifies me for a pension, my approachability, kindness and perseverance are what make me a suitable tutor for anyone willing to learn.

At AHeadStart I specialise in Geography, English, History, Social Studies and Spanish. My interest and engagement with these subjects are backed up with endorsements in NCEA, as well as travelling to further understand these topics and their relevance in society. In 2015 my Spanish skills were put to the ultimate test when my family was lost in Puerto Rico and I was assigned the critical job of asking a nearby police officer “¿Donde está el wifi? (Where is the wifi?)” My interest in Geography and History were realised during a long-term stay in England, a country where every town regardless of size has experienced at least one thousand years of history.

Due to these experiences I decided to endeavour into a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and History with the intention of becoming a secondary school teacher. My most engaging papers have been the science of climate change and global warming, the involvement of women in history and the development of America from its revolution to the end of the 20th century. These papers have taught me the importance of inclusion, and acceptance of different perspectives in order for us to improve each other and the world.

I am thoroughly looking forward to meeting you at AHeadStart and helping to achieve your NCEA study goals, while of course having some fun with it along the way!

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