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Hi, I’m Felix and I’m currently in my third year of Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Canterbury. If you’re looking for a tutor in Calculus, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, or Digital Technologies, I’m here to help!

While I was at Burnside High School, I gained overall Excellence endorsement as well as Excellence in the majority of my subjects for all levels of NCEA. I also received top grades for O, AS and A level Cambridge Maths, and completed several university papers in computer science and mathematics while at high school, all with A+ results. At my graduation in 2019, I was granted the Proxime Accessit award for academic excellence, as well as a Platinum service award and First Placings in Statistics, Physics, and Digital Technologies. Later, I was awarded NZQA Scholarships in Calculus, Statistics, Physics and Chemistry. In summary, I’ve run the gauntlet before, and I’m keen to help you through it too!  When I’m not studying, I enjoy playing the trombone, as well as mountain biking, tramping, skiing, or anything else in the outdoors.

My focus for tutoring is helping others understand the underlying concepts of the course material. If you memorise exam answers, you’ll forget them the day after the exam. If you understand what’s really going on at a fundamental level, you’ll have a solid base of knowledge which you can build on in your future studies. I hope that my passion for the subjects will shine through, and help you exceed your personal goals. 

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