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Hello, my name is Liam. Last year I graduated with a BSc in Maths and Computer Science, and this year I am working towards my honours degree in maths. I have been tutoring with AHeadStart for two years now. I went to Cashmere High School and achieved very well, receiving excellence endorsement across all levels of NCEA. Additionally, I received a scholarship for high achievement in Maths and Science from Cashmere and NCEA scholarships in Calculus and Physics. During my last year of High School, I also completed a STAR mathematics course at UC, receiving an A+ grade, and receiving an AIMS scholarship. In 2019 I also received the William Brent Wilson Memorial Prize for achievement in level 300 applied mathematics at UC. 

When learning I like to focus on the underlying concepts through finding different ways to explain them, and learn how to derive things myself, particularly in maths and physics. I find that this helps me understand much better and as a bonus, lets me intuitively know what different formulas mean at a glance.

For my hobbies I enjoy rock climbing, both indoors and outdoors. My biggest achievement so far in rock climbing is coming first in the South Island Secondary Schools climbing competition in 2017. I am very patient and interested in helping each student achieve their best.

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