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Hi, I’m Minjae, and I tutor Mathematics, Statistics, Calculus, Science, Chemistry, and Physics with AHeadStart. I am in my first year at the University of Canterbury and currently studying Engineering with Honours (Intermediate Year).

I have graduated Papanui High School in 2018, gaining an excellence endorsement in all 3 years of NCEA along with multiple subject endorsements at excellence, including Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics at level 3. I have always had a strong passion in these three subjects which allowed me to achieve at a high grade. I have skipped level 1 Mathematics and studied a level higher since year 11. When I was in year 13, I have completed the MATH199 course at the University of Canterbury gaining an overall grade of A+. Because of my high achievements, I was offered to take 2nd year Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Mathematics in my first year of University, but decided to only take the 2nd year Engineering Mathematics.

I have been awarded two scholarships from Papanui High School and two more scholarships from University of Canterbury including the AIMS scholarship, which is awarded to students who gain an overall grade of A+ for MATH199.

During High School, I was always willing to help my classmates because I believe that helping them will also help myself. By explaining a concept to my classmates, the concepts became clearer to me, so I’ve realised explaining is a big part of learning. This means that when I have a tutorial with a student, I will not think of it as just any other tutorial, I will think of it as my own learning, and therefore will think of the students’ grade more importantly.

My teaching style is very flexible. So, I will try to make each tutorial as effective as possible by learning and understanding the student's preferences when it comes to studying. I believe every student has their own way of learning and so by adjusting the tutorial to suit the student, the tutorials will become much more effective.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your studies this year!

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