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Hello! I'm Amelia. This year I am studying level 4 vet nursing at Ara. I'm passionate about learning and I think that it can always be an enjoyable experience. 

My philosophy is that with the right motivation and hard work every student is capable of excelling. There is no better feeling that knowing you have tried your best and seeing it pay off. 

I have dealt with many setbacks throughout my academic career. As a result I am good at bouncing back and I would love to help younger students do the same.

I'm a well rounded student; I enjoy every subject I try. That being said my favorite subjects have always been the arts. I'm very passionate about English, Classics, History, Art History, and Media Studies. Sciences and Mathematics also interest me and are relevant to my current study in vet nursing.

In my spare time I am surrounded by animals. I have four budgies (Pippin, Merry, Sophie, and Ponyo), a love bird (Peach), a cockatiel (Lou), a cat (Buddy), and a lease horse (Lance). I have been riding horses for 14 years and spend most of my free time at the paddock.

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