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Kia Ora, my name's Nicholas. I tutor English, History, Mathematics (up to Year 11), Classics, and Social Studies. I'm currently in my second year at the University of Canterbury, where I'm doing a double major in History and Political Science.

Although I was born in Wellington, I've spent most of my life in Nelson, where I went to Waimea College, graduating in 2022. I achieved Excellence endorsements in various subjects from Year 11 to 13, as well as overall endorsements for all three years. It was during this time that I first worked as a tutor at NumberWorks'nWords, and realised just how much I enjoy it. I also learnt a lot about leadership in my role as a performing arts captain in Year 13.

Outside of school and university, I have a couple of very specific hobbies that I dedicate a lot of time to. The first, and most obvious to anyone who knows me, is theatre. Ever since I was 13 I've been a dedicated theatre kid, acting in and directing more plays than I can keep track of. I've kept this up at university as a member of the Drama Society. I'm also a big reader, which really helps me cool down after a long day, as well as a bit of a film buff. When the mood hits me, I enjoy writing stories, sometimes for others to read, but often just for my own enjoyment.

My main motivation as a tutor stems from how much I enjoyed certain subjects at school, and how much that influenced my good time there. I know that some people struggle more than I did, and there's nothing I want more than to help them have the kind of positive experience that I had.

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