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HEY! I am Abdullah and I tutor Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Scholarship Chemistry. I am currently in my second pro year of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

NCEA is a qualification I have been working hard right from NCEA level one, gaining an excellence endorsement in level 1,2 and 3. Across all three years I have attained 310 excellence credits. But that’s not to say that I had a perfect result. I have experienced the pain of missing out on excellence by one mark. I have got achieved in things that I swore I knew well but couldn’t be bothered going the last mile or sometimes it was just a bad exam day because I forgot to eat breakfast. Each time I failed on my aim, I sometimes temporally lost all hope, but then after an hour of sadness I got on my feet and hit harder on the next exam. This has allowed me to gain insight on the knitty gritty the examiners look for and the amount of effort that is needed to achieve the grade desired.

I have also extended beyond NCEA by doing Cambridge Mathematics from IGSCE to A Level. I have maintained an A grade throughout. In Year 12 I was selected to be one of 100 people to be selected in the chemistry Olympiad. In my last year of high school, I did a first year Mathematics course at University of Canterbury in which I achieved an A+ grade. I also sat 5 scholarship exams in 2017. I attained Scholarship in Chemistry. In the other exams I missed out by very few marks.

I have been a tutor for AHeadStart for 2 years now which has allowed me to gain experience of managing my tutorials and have gathered some useful resources. Outside of AHeadStart I have had great fun tutoring intermediate and primary school kids. This year I am an Mentor for first year engineering students. I volunteered at Mindlab during my summer holidays where I taught programming and computer related topics to kids aged 7-12 years old.

I have been a keen footballer all my life. Recently I have got into mountain biking and fixing bikes. I am a volunteer at RAD bikes where I help people fix bikes on Wednesdays and work at Hubs Cycles in the weekends.

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