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Hi, I’m Rhia and I tutor Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, Biology, Mathematics and Science.

I’m a first year student at UC, pursuing a Bachelor of Science majoring in Physics and Astronomy. I’ve only just finished my NCEA high school journey and I have great news from the other side: you can absolutely make it through. Chasing your academic goals can be hard work, but hold on tight - with motivation and determination, they really will be achievable, and I would love to help you get there.

I’ve just graduated from Christchurch Girls’ High School with Excellence endorsements at all 3 Levels of NCEA and subject endorsements for Level 3 in Physics and Calculus and for Level 2 in Biology and Chemistry. This academic journey couldn’t be more fresh: I know NCEA all too well and I understand what’s needed to reach the grades you’re aiming for. I spent my last year of school immersed in the cultural and academic communities as a school Prefect, teacher assistant for Level 2 Physics and tutor for Level 2 Physics and Chemistry and I loved every second working alongside other students to explore the fascinating world of science and mathematics.

For me, success in NCEA was fuelled by a passion for theoretical physics - an enthusiasm for understanding the workings of the world around us - which led me to making the shortlist for the national Young Physicists’ IYPT team and winning the school prize for top in Physics in both Year 12 and 13. I believe this is the key to every student’s academic success - finding what motivates your goals and what passion you can focus on to guide and drive your studies. This is something I will work with students to identify and cultivate. 

I know from personal experience that it can be very easy to get lost in the world of memorisation of facts and steps. This outlook can make NCEA seem all the more daunting, but my approach is to focus on the development of concepts, understanding and growth within the subject - good grades will come as an extension of this.


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