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Hiya! I'm Maggie and I’m currently in my third year of University studying a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Statistics, which I’m loving! With AHeadStart I am able to tutor English, Statistics, French and Drama all up to NCEA Level 3. I also love to tutor primary school students in core topics such as English (reading, writing, spelling) and Mathematics, ensuring that each student can feel confident with school. For all NCEA subjects that I tutor, I have been proud of my results in school and believe I have a great understanding of what will be required to do well in the standards.

With my degree I am really interested in travelling and working within Europe, teaching English and delving into research on languages and culture.

I completed NCEA at Burnside High School in 2017 with excellence endorsements for both Level 1 and Level 2 as well as a merit endorsement for Level 3. I have been tutoring with AHeadStart for two years and have loved every second.

Outside of study, I am a huge fan mountains, skiing and appreciating winter views. I also love to read, swim, cook (and eat!). I’m passionate about helping students tackle their subjects and getting the results they’re aiming for, as well as having some fun along the way!

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