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Samuel M

Samuel M

Hi my name is Samuel (or just Sam). I am in my second year/first professional year of a Bachelors of Engineering with Honors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Christchurch born and raised, I went to Cashmere High School. I achieved great results with a Merit Endorsement for NCEA Level 1 and an Excellence Endorsement for both NCEA Level 2 and NCEA Level 3. I was also heavily involved in my school's Electronics Club during years 12 and 12 where my focus was on helping younger students.

Having recently achieved these grades I am knowledgeable of the curriculum. I am passionate about my study and love to share my passion with students. The prospect of helping students to reach their goals is very rewarding. As a tutor I value the importance of gaining understanding of the concepts over rote learning and memorisation.

Outside study I have several hobbies. My one sport is rock climbing which I love. I collect and paint figures for miniature wargames where I visit the local club twice a week when possible. I also enjoy other tabletop games such as role playing games and board games and try to get together with my friends most weeks for them. Of course I also love video games.

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