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Hi, I'm India and tutor Biology, Science, Maths, Physical Education and Physics here at AHeadStart. I am currently in my 5th year of study and am doing a Bachelor of Medicine. 

Achievement of excellence endorsement throughout my high school years means that I have a sound knowledge of the NCEA curriculum. In saying this my experience with the NCEA system was a little different to most. In my last year of high school I carried out my schooling via correspondence and so did a lot of my learning without a teacher. I believe this brings  a unique perspective on my tutoring style as I have developed many skills to break down and understand problems without input from a teacher/tutor. These are skills that I hope to pass onto any of the students that I teach as it set me up extremely well for my university studies. 

I have vast experience tutoring the sciences as for the last 4 years. Having done already 1 year at AHeadStart and at Otago university I tutored first year health science papers for the residential halls, pacific centre and disability support centre. Further studies in the sciences and tutoring these papers has expanded my knowledge on these science topics immensely and means I have been able to develop and improve my skills as a tutor.

Outside of study and work I have plenty of (probably too many) hobbies. I love the sea and so indulge myself in diving, spearfishing and surfing in my spare time. I also love tramping and snowboarding in the winter time and play a range of social sports. I am also a massive advocate for having a balance, so although doing well in school is important so is getting out there and enjoying your hobbies! 

Very excited to tutor you this year and achieve some of your goals!

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