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Hi, my name is Geeth and I tutor Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, Mathematics and Science at all three levels. I am a second year student studying Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University of Canterbury. I graduated from Newlands College in 2017, gaining Excellence Endorsements across all three years of NCEA. In addition I received two scholarships to University of Canterbury in 2017.  

Needless to say my NCEA results were not achieved without hardship. Many study sessions included the usual “Where did this come from?”, and “They haven’t taught us this!”. With these experiences and hardships, I now know exactly how to take on any problem. With this journey through NCEA and University, I have found tips, tricks and shortcuts to learn and perform up to my full potential. It would be my pleasure to teach these and make students unleash their potential as well.

I enjoy making people’s goals become reality, hence my passion for tutoring. With my past tutoring experiences, I understand that learning style of each student is different from one another. I also know that it is my job to adjust my teaching style according to the student, to make sure it results the most efficient, and optimized leaning for the student.

Outside of University, my number of hobbies include badminton, drawing, stock trading, photography and working out.

I am very friendly and approachable. I look forward on helping you achieve your goals. 

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