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Hi, I’m Emily and I am here to help you succeed in English, History, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics and French. I am currently in my final year of the International Baccalaureate Diploma at St Margaret's College. Before moving on to the IB I completed NCEA Level 1 with excellent endorsement. In my Year 12 IB exams I achieved the highest grade, (7) across all my subjects. 

I love tutoring and have two years experience as I have been tutoring a young boy in French each week. I really enjoy trying to make each lesson fun and engaging for him, adapting my teaching to his learning style. I also love helping people in my class understand course material that they have found challenging and  I am really good at breaking concepts down so they are easier to understand. 

At a Primary School or Middle School Level (Years 1-10), I tutor in English, Mathematics, French, Science and Social Sciences. I also teach Year 11 Level 1 NCEA Chemistry, Physics, English and French. At an IB level, I tutor English HL, Biology HL, Chemistry SL, History HL, French B SL and Maths Analysis and Approaches SL. I believe that the fact that I study IB is a great asset because not many students do and it is a difficult course to tutor because of its breadth, depth and different educational structure. Importantly, I have experienced both IB and NCEA and I have received good results in both of these assessment pathways and this demonstrates my ability to adapt to new learning and succeed.

I am the head of debating at St Margaret’s College and have competed in many competitions alongside my teammates.  As a debater, I understand how to communicate concepts well and work well with others.  Alongside debating, I spend my spare time hanging out with friends, playing piano and guitar, reading, and drawing. 

I am passionate about the subjects I tutor and I work hard to help students succeed by understanding how they learn best and making learning fun. I am friendly and approachable and also understand exam stress and want to support students manage their stress and feel good about their learning.  I look forward to sharing my passion for learning with you and showing that studying and assessments don't need to consume all your time when done well.

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